Communes, Burglary, Gas Station

Date of dream: Monday, December 31, 2007

Level of Lucidity: N/A     Level of Cohesiveness:

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It started out that I was hanging out with people from the commune. They wanted me to go to a sister commune farther away for some reason, to get something maybe. I got into a vehicle and drove a few miles to another commune, and realized that it had the bizarro versions of everyone at the first place. Different clothes and different colored hair, perhaps, but still the same people. I introduced myself to everyone and smoked a few cigarettes. On the way back to the commune it started to rain. I saw a university computer building and stopped there, broke in, steal a couple computer parts that I needed and ran out. I drove back to the commune. Everyone was getting drunk and I asked if the rain was supposed to get worse, will it become a thunderstorm? Yes. I scurried about trying to get animals where they are supposed to go, in their shelters, and had a particularly tough time getting the zebras (ZEBRAS!?) into their stalls, they just did not want to go.

I realized that I was really in the mood to get drunk and I was running out of rolling papers for cigarettes, but I had already had enough beer that I shouldn't drive. Mom appeared. I told her the dilemma and she said she'd drive, but when we got to the gas station and filled up the tank (petrol) she tried to drive away again and I yelled at her, and she handed me a twenty dollar bill. I went into the store, there was some music playing on the overhead speakers. The store was set up logically, small thematic sections, but I went right up to the desk passing a cigar display rack that caught my attention. I bought two lottery tickets, and I thought I had won $200. The guy in line behind me said, "No, I mean you could have entered to win $200, it was an option on the ticket." "Oh, okay." "But you did win $10."

I went back into the aisles and found the beer section and grabbed two 40's of Miller High Life (alcohol), and "Round and Round" by Ratt began playing on the store speakers. Once up to the counter there was a line at both registers. A friend from the commune came in and went directly to an open register that I missed, with an armload of a bulk purchase of beef jerky that looked like raw bacon. I noticed the papers I wanted behind the counter, and I talked to the commune guy a little. Woke up.

Additional Comments:

Just my brain defragging the events and thoughts of the day.
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    The Mob and Trachea-Pulling

    Date of dream: Sunday, November 20, 2005

    Level of Lucidity: N/A     Level of Cohesiveness:

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    I walked into a party that was hazy with marijuana (hashish) smoke. Everyone was sitting around doing drugs and I walked to the back area of the house. As I walked to a kind of nook in the corner with a bar, I could hear people discussing this new drug produced to get people off of weed, and how it was made illegal because it made people feel so good. Upon reaching the bar I noticed there was no alcohol, but under the counter was what looked like a four pound bag of this anti-weed. When I noticed it, a guy grabbed my arm and escorted me to a back room and locked me in it. There was a scared looking girl there.

    Somehow I escaped, and started walking down the road with my friend Scott. I realized I had forgotten my shoes and socks though, so I told him to go ahead and I'd catch up with him later and headed back for my stuff. I went past the bar and out the back door and picked my stuff up from the porch. I could see a couple of gangster looking types sitting at a table but they didn't notice me and I took off back the way I came.

    As I exited, a light drizzle fell. I started up through the driveway towards the road but I saw headlights and jumped down onto my stomach and paused for a second, making sure they hadn't seen me, and as they made a turn in the driveway where the headlights weren't pointed at me, I ducked into a small patch of woods and popped out the other side. I was very scared at this point and much to my surprise, after crawling through the grass a ways I stopped and a few feet ahead of me was a woman aiming a sniper rifle in my general direction. I could hear her say, "Show your face, you son of a bitch. Go ahead, do it, do it." She didn't see me and I debated on a course of action, but then Scott appeared behind her and stabbed her. I hopped up and ran at her, took the knife from Scott and repeatedly stabbed her as fast as I could muster. As she sputtered and coughed blood and beat her face in with my fists and as she lay on her back I stabbed her in the trachea and twisted the knife until the insides of her throat came out in strings and chords.

    Scott and I ran as speedy as was physically possible into the city. It was raining heavily now and there was thunder and lightning. We were soaked and needed to get home but we could hear the sirens of cops, fire trucks and ambulances and we figured they were ALL out for us. I said, "Do you think we could take the back way home?" Scott said, "Yeah, I don't see why not." We came to a table made from a cable spindle thing and around it were some of our friends and some people we didn't know. They were sitting in chairs around the spindle in the rain eating food. At that point the rain became a malicious thunderstorm and we all ignored it. I said to Scott, "My life's pretty interesting, huh?" Scott said, "Shh, don't talk about it."

    The package for their food said Fribbly's and I asked what the hell Fribbly's was, and one of the guys nodded towards his girlfriend. I said, "We gotta go," and we did.

    Additional Comments:

    This was probably one of the most vivid violent dreams I've had. Dreams like this are fairly common for me though, so I would count it as a nightmare but not one that was particularly traumatic. I felt like I was in an action/thriller movie of sorts.

    And the irony of the government creating a drug to fight weed that in turn becomes addictive and pleasant makes me laugh every time I think about it. Good one, brain, that was clever.
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