apartment/hotel/"love nest"/ super stormy wind...

Date of dream: Sunday, January 16, 2005

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I was in a small apartment, and I didn't notice that this apartment that at first wasn't mine was connected to another one, I couldn't tell if it was an apartment or a hotel (not an extremely nice one) It was sort of like that old apartment I had in Chicago, unrenovated old building with alot of character.. but not as homey.

This apartment had a back door which lead to a wood balcony/stairway. and beside that back door was a shower that looked like a refrigerator; white and thick doors. I tried to take a shower, but I noticed in order to do so, I would have to be naked, and I was standing at the door naked and then realised people could see me if I take a shower so I had to not do that.

I walk into the apartment and there was alot of wind, blowing and blowing, and then I could see that the apartment I was staying in had an open wall to the one beside that was covered by a curtain blown around by the strong winds. The occupant was gone, to give me privacy during the storm. I could see all the windows in both apartments were open and blowing air everywhere..

I could see out the front window there was a sea, and that there was a massive storm front coming with tornados .. and I thought back to when I first had seen this apartment, and that I had had a sexual relationship with someone there. And I thought to myself, OMG the neighbour must have heard us... and then I wondered why I was given this apartment to stay in when this storm came, and the neighbour was moved out..only temporarly, I think, but it was because the landlord didn't want anyone to molest me while I was trying to sleep, and the only reason he was allowed to stay in his apartment previously was because my partner would protect me.. (I thought that odd and I also thought it odd that it was my husband but not my husband...strange)

So this wind is blowing everything around and I decided to close the front windows because I firgure that with all this wind rushing around this apartment I had better try to do SOMETHING and thought about how I was supposed to close all the windows, however then I was thinking about that myth that if you close all the windows that the pressure with blow up the house..but then I couldn't remember if it was a myth or not and so I only closed the ones most in the front and didn't think about closing the back ones..

Additional Comments:

I think the only thing that could have any possible link to this dream is that I saw the Part 2 of Bridget Jones, and the odd relationships she had were mirrored in this dream, I just thought the situation was too public in my dream, to feel comfort in, and then I felt abandoned, but not alone, which was odd.. and then there was this masive storm, and I could see it from these windows, and there were alot of windows...
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    New York- Stockholm; gimme a hug Pete!

    Date of dream: Tuesday, September 07, 2004

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    I recall it was kind of like a chat, a connection of people there only we were actually there, and the chat room was based in New York, and then my mother was also there...funnything there were people there I was not expecting to see.

    Pete Shelley was expected, and I always feel that I can't exactly get what I want to say out to say to him, via internet, or in person.. it was kind of hard so I see him sitting across from me and I know he is going to LA, and he is in a pause of some kind.

    Conversation: Me: Can I ask you for something? Pete: Yes, what do you want to know? Me: I never get to speak to you and say what I want to say. Pete: So what do you want to say? Me: Can I have a hug? Pete: Ok.

    And I stand up and hug him, and smell him... he smells like he's been drinking a bit, and there is a familar smell about him that reminds me of an ex I had but not bad.. (I guess the feeling of fleshiness was a part of it too)

    I then go on to say something about Stockholm, and that he can come and visit if he wants to, and my home is open to him, and I don't want to intimidate him. Just as quickly he must leave; and I find it a bit sad for me. Carlos is there but he is not talking to me and then I find myself outside the room and run into my ex from Chicago.. who is sitting saying he was watching me hug Pete.. and wanted to know why.

    Later on I run into my mother also wanting to know exactly what I was doing there and why..and someone else was with me and I showed her how to open the door which lead directly to Stockholm, the door I let Pete know was there...earlier and we are walking around in the city and admiring the beautiful buildings in the sun rise.... and when we walk over to the door (not really a door as much as a passage and bridge which leads to Stockholm-and New York) we notice that New York is kind of dark in comparison.

    Additional Comments:

    just wondering about my feelings about things..
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