My own death: playing football.

Date of dream: Friday, July 30, 2004

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I was called to someplace for some reason, and was given the news my mother was sick and she was going to die. I come to her bedside and she dies in a matter of a few minutes.. after just talking with her. And I felt very sad because we didn't have so much time together. Suddenly I am told I too only have a few days to live.

It wasn't as hard as dealing with my mother dying, however I recall feeling very sad for one moment, and then turning it on myself and thinking, I could make this what I want it to be, and refused to spend the next few days just waiting for my death. There was a lady there, I thought she was a nurse, but she was probably more like my mother in law and she at first was very sad for me. Suddenly seeing that I wasn't sad was very angry with me feeling as though I was faking it... or something like that.

I didn't have the chance to explain to her if I was going to die, I didn't want it to be all tears and suffering on my part. I just couldn't believe she was so angry with me. I think that hurt the most.

Later on I thought I was in a different dream. I am with my husband, only its now a different phase of our relationship, I walked to his home, which was odd because we didn't have the "same home".

His home was kind of open and there was grass growing inside the house and outside the back door it was a lake but with lights so that the water around the house was well lit, clear and blue green.

We were kicking around a football and I was totally no good at it.. I tried to kick the ball and it went a few millimeters I was so bad.

We were playing football with his father and his father was a composite / and so was his mother/ of alot of different people... I was invited to go for a swim, but we all ended up in the water anyway, with my clothes on, however I was invited to stay, and I said I couldn't and whispered in my husband's ear I have to go home to change my clothes due to my mens. So I declined the offer to stay there.

(inside of the house for a few seconds there was a substory about a person hidding out in ww2 from the germans (what again) and they were being taken advantage of by a publishing company, however the son found out what had happened and plotted revenge upon the publisher)

This was in the background while I declined to stay, it wasn't even the same area or portion of the house, but somewhere in the crawlspaces.

I was playing with my son and got blood on him and had to wash him off...

Additional Comments:

I have no clue.

Bobby Wrote: Interesting dream. I am not sure I have got any clue on this.

But most dreams are about issues which are current in your mind. There are some clues though. its a house dream... especially the part about your husbands house. So this is about some inner conflict perhaps....though that is not clear as its your husbands house. It could be about some way your husband sees you as being.

The house features your mother... perhaps a symbol of your own intuitive feelings about what is the best thing to do... your own gut feeling about the future of your life. but in the dream your mother dies... that perhaps shows that your gut feeling is not working out... that perhaps a better plan is needed.

next... you die... thats a symbol for change... that a new part of your life is about to begin... and an old one dieing off....

The house where your husband lives is perhaps his own opinion about how you should be... though that seems to symbolize an emotionally open and free paradise.

His father is a symbol perhaps of what your husband thinks you should do... an authority figure for him... and so representing the right thing to do.... the path you must follow.

This maybe your husbands views or how you perceive your husbands views... maybe pressure and he is a composite because your husband has several ideas on how you should act.

the ww2 war wound could be about bringing up old issues... painful issues...

But overall I am not really sure ... I just read it as I saw it... it seems to indicate a period of change... a vision for the future... one based less on your own gut feelings and more on yoru husbands ideas. Or at least pressure towards that

and the dream also featured you in the pool ... fully clothed... an emotional look at your own personality perhaps....

ME:sorry I didn't comment or thank you for your veiw on this one.. had a problem earier with the internet.

I don't know about the death thing, it was as though I was in the process of dying and then didn't want to tell my husband.. so I just wanted things to be fun.

It seemed fun enough. and the ideas you had were very interesting, but I have to wonder about this reoccuring theme of death, (perhaps change) and water, (emotions) perhaps it is I trying to be more open and fun, and trying to get him on that level... but then I interupt it all by having to go home.

It seems to me my interpretation on that theme, although the open and playful and emotion thing was pointed out by you.

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    taking a guided tour, and telepathy.

    Date of dream: Tuesday, July 27, 2004

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    For some reason my son and I were in Germany, we were being shown a small street which was now the "Gay District" and I think back in history and wonder about how many "gay people" were killed in the second world war or previous to that by Hitlar.

    We have a tour by people, and I don't know if I can trust them or not. There is a strange feeling in the air, and then we come to a large room in the cellar, and a round patterned stained glass window. It is blue. My son and I just look up at it. Suddenly I feel myself unable to breath, fast but slightly painful, that strange sensation of suddenly out of body, and rising above into the glass window.

    My son also feels this feeling that he has been there before and suddenly we are back in our own time. I got the odd story of being a baby, and sufficated, probably due to the fact someone was trying to hide in the basement, and the baby could have been making too much noise, but what ever the case, I was the baby.

    My son and I just kept looking up at that window. We couldn't help but stare at it. Then we were once again aware of our surroundings and then we left this building with many people, and made our way down the narrow streets of the once "Jewish getto".

    Then I was walking and thinking and talking with someone telepathicly, not my son.

    Sometimes I get a dream were there is just a story line. This story line was about everyone being infected by some kind of genetic mutating illness. It was introduced by some governmental power, and it was going to make all of humanity nothing more than cruel beasts, and we were all to be infected...I was still thinking positive in my mind thinking that this is not posible for ALL the people to be infected, that somewhere there must be people who will be normal.

    But I was trying to think of where the people who were normal were going to live. How would they hide from those vicious beasts that were passing for some kind of humanity? I thought that we could hide in the seas, but then an image came to mind of the life in the seas would become beastly too.. and there was no where to hide from this sickness, and there would be no one left.

    At first I thought that these beasts were "sphinxes" but it turned out that they were more like "chimeras" or "manticores" composite beasts using human logic, greed, and animal instints. This all made me quite wonder when it was all going to happen.

    Additional Comments:

    I don't know where this is coming from; I'm not Jewish, I'm not gay but I care about what happens to people, in spite of what their religious beliefs or personal living goes.

    I think the ONLY conection I can make is that I am a vegan and that I have seen that the pharmisuetical companies have a vested intrest in keeping people ill by way of diet and want everyone to be on some kind of medicine.. right now the big seller being colesteral reducing medicine although valium and prozac related drugs world wide are the biggest market.

    It feels to me that world distruction is perfect marketing ploy for such un-ethical behaviours.. at the same time, people are at war, people are starving, and people are not getting basic needs fulfilled... this is a crime just because some company wants a "little bit of money".

    What is money without a future?

    Bobby Wrote: another horrendously complicated dream... indeed kafkaesque

    But maybe you hit the nail on the head.... this thing about pharmaceutical companies.

    Its strange how you home in on the jewish ghetto and see gays being persecuted. Its not something people would normally see.... normally you would feel sympathy for the jews... thats an interesting clue... it shows that something about the present day world links to that awful historical nightmare... that you see a connection between the two....

    But of course this dream must have a spark.. there must have been a match somewhere... somewhere to make a connection.. to get your mind going and set off this train of thought.

    the tour is an interesting symbol... perhaps a politacl documentary explaining some problem in the modern world... a leaflet about vegan products which was politcal in its tone... or just something practical that stuck in your mind.....

    The basement is a symbol of the lowest human behavior... rudeness, offensive views and discrimination. But in the idts of all this base human action is the baby( you)... who cries out to keep the message stop the world being infected by genitic mutations...

    and btw gay people in dreams often symbolise behavior which is out of step with normal society.... which does not fit in with the norm..

    But its defnitely a biger picture dream... sparked by whatevre this basement symbolizes... so any political tussles you have had... things seen on TV which were shocking or articles read may have sparked it off --------------

    ALWAYS REMEMBER TO POST AS MANY DETAILS AS POSSIBLE Primordial colors in dreams Artists website

    I had this dream...I was like in this beautiful garden man .... and then I started to beat the crap out of someone

    Cleopatra Computer dictionary - relevant references

    ABOVE : "where you are in relation to your goals" ANIMAL : "degrading pleasures and thrills" ANIMAL : "lower form of life / behave wildly" BABY : "your trust, belief, and hope in the future" BACK : "jealousy and resentment" BACK : "see the back of problem / back stab / turn back on" BASEMENT : "darkest unconcious fears / where no one dares go" BEAST : "not confronting major problem" BEE : "regimented order" BIG : "how you view this aspect" BODY : "state of health - and views on own body" CARE : "indifferent and uninterested" CELLAR : "bad memories" CELLAR : "raw instinct" CRIME : "sense of shame" DIET : "need to control and discipline yourself" DREAM : "wild hopes / unreachable goals" DRUG : "cover over problems" FUTURE : "the way things should be" GAY : "flamboyant actions" GAY : "thoughts which do not fit in / out of step / unconventional and against the norms of society" GERMAN : "obsessive rules and regulations / an efficient and organised attitude" GLASS : "see through issue" GOVERNMENT : "red tape / feeling of being controlled" HELP : "assistance / work together" HELP : "compromise and assist / cry for attention" HIDE : "deceive" HISTORY : "your past experiences / things you have learnt" KILL : "cut out bad tendency within your life" KILL : "kill off thoughts and esires" LARGE : "bigger than you can cope with / larger than life" LEFT : "id - unconcious desires - overpreponderance of passivity" MAN : "darker side of self" MAN : "male emotions" MAN : "male stereotypes - determination, overbearance, stubborness, and energy" MAN : "old man = wise thoughts" MAN : "undefined aspect of self" MARKET : "options available to you - your general choices in life" MEDICINE : "solution to ills" MONEY : "power and prestige / measure of our success" MONEY : "the things you value most in life and within yourself" NARROW : "constricted opportunities and circumstances" NOISE : "a warning sign" PAIN : "hidden negative emotions" PAIN : "suffering" PATTERN : "pattern of life" PEOPLE : "indication of openness and ability to mix" PERSON : "well balanced thoughts" POWER : "your stores of energy , vitality and your general drive and determination" RED : "danger, passion, sexual energy" RED : "lifeforce - the color of blood" RED : "passion" RED : "pun on read" RELIGIOUS : "higher beliefs" RIGHT : "ego - lives too much in the here and now" RIGHT : "you are on right path / doing right thing" ROOM : "aspects of your personality" SEA : "emotional journey" SON : "determined protective feelings" SON : "sons of man = descendants" SPIT : "unpleasant emotional comment" STAR : "birth of child or idea / your destiny / our hopes and dreams / reach for the stars" STAR : "great ambition and vision" STREET : "a small town community" TALKING : "need to express something" TELEPATHIC : "don't need to say" TIME : "behind time ?" TIME : "need to organize yourself / reflect on thoughts and feelings" TRUST : "need to trust own judgement" UP : "jung - repressed thought coming upwards" VEST : "person of thin character" WALK : "personal quest" WALK : "steady effort to goal" WALK : "walk towards problem" WAR : "inner conflict" WAR : "need for action - go to war on an issue" WAR : "plan a campaign" WINDOW : "how others see you / feelings of being watched" WINDOW : "see world outside" WORLD : "self belief" -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    I wrote:Hej Bobby!

    There was something, you are so correct I should have thought more about it but it was bugging me recently, I just don't recall which day I saw it. There was an artical in the Svenskadagbladet (the daily newspaper) on an issue of the rights of homosexuals in France.

    What shocked me was to discover that up until 1982 it was a punishable offence being "gay" there. Things have changed however there are still things going on there that are not quite right.. but people are fighting for their rights all the same and now days can't just be arrested and fined for being homosexual.

    Maybe it was my brain screaming out "Facists!"

    Who can say? How perceptive!

    Thankyou for was kind of odd though. And you know wars are now on and people are in lots of trouble and still does anything change?

    How can we evolve if people are not going to be a bit less fanatical? Speaking of fanatical, I sound quite loony, but I think I'm getting over that "death dream phase" and I owe you a long letter too!

    Thanks much :)
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