Seduced By The Snake Lady

Date of dream: Tuesday, November 19, 2002

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One dream from yesterday had an adult aspect and, again, an animal. (I wish I could explain this, I really do.) In this one, I was Timothy Hutton's character Archie from Nero Wolfe (that was on TV while I was sleeping) and I was running around outside my house, trying to escape this large snake-woman. She was like a Naga or something, a snake with a woman's face. Not smooth either, but segmented almost, pale green and kind of ugly; I wouldn't know about her face, but I feel it was harsh looking. She was trying to seduce me, and I was running away. o_O Finally I hid around the corner of the house and pondered if I should let her catch me. I would try to trick her. I pretended to be frozen with fear, trying to find another place to run, when she appeared around the corner and came at me. She may have wrapped around me, but I didn't try very hard to flee. Hmmm...not sure what else to say. She was happy she'd caught me, and I started to LIKE her attentions. And then I was not Archie and she was not a she, but I think I was myself and the snake was a male. Same feelings held though. o_o No, the dream didn't go much beyond that, but I do think I was playing coy with the snake, and this is all very weird.

That one reminds me vaguely of a recurring Algonquin myth theme that involves a husband suspecting his wife is unfaithful; he follows her when she leaves the tribe and finds her going to visit a large water serpent, who wraps himself around her after she's can figure that part out...and she later on conspires to kill her husband. But he always kills her and the serpent first. It seems to be a popular theme among these natives.

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Secret Weapon: Rhonda

Date of dream: Tuesday, August 06, 1996

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There was some kind of ballgame going on in the rain, and I thought that was kind of stupid. For some reason I have written down "argument," so I think I was arguing with somebody--"You can't have a ballgame in the rain!" I can't remember exactly why, though. The losing team had some kind of secret weapon and she stepped out--and it was this really sexy woman dressed in skimpy clothes!! The announcer said, "Behold! Rhonda!" or something like that. She was chewing gum and seemed kind of ditzy; as the secret weapon, she was going to go off and distract the other team, I suppose.

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