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        I am a government-registered K-12 educator, devoted to my work. I also do sound-engineering that has been on commercial CDs as well as in movie soundtracks. Regardless of my lifelong experiences with the inexplicable, including meaningful life-enriching synchronicity, I do not teach what is considered fringe. I have been happily married since April 9, 1994, to the literal girl of my dreams and we have five children.

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"Similarly, he (Herbert Silberer) has shown that the conclusions of some dreams or some divisions in their content merely signify the dreamer's own perception of his sleeping and persons who are gifted philosophically and accustomed to introspection it may become very evident."


Stephen LaBerge: "Lucidity is not synonymous with dream control. It is possible to be lucid and have little control over dream content, and conversely, to have a great deal of control without being explicitly aware that you are dreaming."

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I maintain the largest collection of dreams and their legitimate and familiar causality that has ever existed.

I have been a member of this site since August 29, 2004.


"Don't try to reason with unreasonable people."

"Motivated reasoning is why you can't win an argument using facts."