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I am presently a government-registered (Queensland, Australia) long-term K12 educator, fully devoted to my work in education and networking. I also do sound-engineering work and my own music has been on commercial CDs (including for charities) as well as in movie soundtracks. Regardless of my continuously validated lifelong experiences and knowledge of precognition, remote viewing, and meaningful life-enriching synchronicity (which is basically how I have succeeded and had peace of mind throughout my life), I do not teach any form of what is considered fringe. I have been happily married since April 9, 1994 to the girl of my dreams.

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I have sincerely worked with dreams since early childhood, documenting and decoding three to nine dreams a day for most of my life for about fifty years.

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I have been a member of this site since August 29, 2004.


        A dream is not a story, not a movie or a text or a theatre play. We experience things we can talk about upon awakening as a dream story. But the dream story is not the dream itself. The dream itself is a texture woven of space and time inside which we find ourselves.

--- Robert Bosnak

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