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Born 5-7-34. Finished formal education after 3 years of college. Married 4-2-55. Moved to California from Massachusetts in spring 1966. Planned to work “until I became pregnant.” No children. Worked until 1995. Took early retirement. Moved to Oregon when spouse retired in 1998. Been a dream journal keeper since 1970s. Been a Letters To The Editors writer since the 1960s Still favor Patricia Garfield’s book, Creative Dreaming. Briefly connected with other dream keepers during 1975-1985. Life took surprising turns around 1984. Since Harold Camping’s failed May 2011 “End Of The World,” my dreams return me to locales and lecture halls where dreams are the topic of discussion, (lucid dreams, the vivid memories mimic daytime events.) So here I am. My husband, Donald, knows I work with my dreams, but neither he or any of our present circle of friends are comfortable with dream related subjects. I have had internet access since June 2008, but this is the first time I am looking to link up with other dreamers again since 25 years ago. As I have all my life, I am using my dreams as an ordinary part of thinking by taking this journal to the internet, following the action in my dreams.
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June 2, 2011 I expect dreams to provide me with useful things. June 3, It is my personal belief that dreams are a normal part of ordinary thinking. 6-10-2011 WARNING: Those who are not planning to make changes in how they dream should put me on a don’t read list. My dreams are all about getting gifts and useful products and stuff to make life as we know it a better place to be. My activities, both awake and asleep, are passionately focused on promoting beneficial changes and best possible outcomes.
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