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Hello! I am a fantasy writer not seeking publication. Most of my work deals with Egyptian and Ojibwa mythology and Jungian themes, so of course dreams play a big part in my writing. For an entire fantasy serial with a strong dream theme, please check out the "Manitou Island" stories on my linked site. :)

As of 2015, for the past few years I've been dealing with health issues that have resulted in both excessive fatigue as well as poor dream recall; the latter seems to have improved a bit, though the fatigue persists, so my entries are spottier than usual. Not much energy/motivation to take down my dreams. :/ In addition I'm going back over all my older entries to make them display better on the site. I hope to get back into semi-regular updates at some point.

I'm VERY, very shy (severe treatment-resistant social anxiety + over 25 years of negative social interactions), and not good at random smalltalk (I have many signs of Asperger's, and so am really only into chattering about my interests), but if any of my interests interest you as well, and if you don't take it personally if it takes me ages to reply, feel free to comment. :)

I also hang out a lot lately on Gothicat-World and Forge Of Empires, occasionally review at Big Fish Games and Amazon, post my spicier work at Adult-Fanfiction.org (have only one story so far at Literotica, but plan on more), belong to the M/M Romance Group and collect books at Goodreads (needs updating), plus have some content on DeviantArt and Flickr and whatnot. Ask me for links if you wish.
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I've been dream journaling on and off since at least the 1990s; for a yearlong period from 1996-1997 I kept track of every single dream I could remember, and I kept a few paper journals around 1992, so please keep checking those years in my journal as these older dreams are eventually transcribed and posted to the site. In addition keep checking the January 1-2, 1990 entries for "early" dreams with no definite date, and dream fragments.
Trust that which gives you meaning and accept is as your guide.--Carl Jung
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