Dream Symbol Meaning for BIRD

Often used in a dream to depict your feelings of being able to leave restrictions and limitations behind. The bird represents imagination, uplifted feelings, idealism and hope. In ancient myths, birds denoted the soul, spiritual knowledge, or experience. The Egyptians used the bird with a human head to represent the soul leaving the body at death, while the phoenix stood for the new rising from the old.

Freud said the bird represented the male penis, and flying means the sexual act. Many countries use the word bird to mean a girl or woman. In Italy it means the male organ. But occasionally the bird, especially a large bird, can express feelings of fear from attack 'out of the blue' - perhaps from strange urges arising in the mind, or from a parent or authority figure. See Air, Intuition.

Because birds are so easy to observe in their life cycle, we often use them to represent the stages of our own life, especially as it relates to Â?flying the nestÂ?. So the birdÂ?s nest would represent home and the parental environment. The egg relates to pregnancy and birth.


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