Dream Symbol Meaning for AIR

The tangible opposite to physical life, so it can depict the almost intangible effect of your thoughts and inner urges.

In most dreams any mention of air is in regard to flying and ones ease or effort to do so. Therefore the air depicts the medium in which you express the pleasure or difficulty of flying. In these dreams the air probably represents the invisible but felt social atmosphere within which you unconsciously exist and strive. Therefore occasionally a dream shows the dreamer losing the air - wind out of the sails - that sustains their flight, suggesting a loss of the support usually gained from public acceptance or approval, or even ones own confidence. When we talk about 'clearing the atmosphere' - or there being 'something in the air' this is precisely what dreams of air often refer to.

In far fewer dreams air is mentioned in connection with breathing, and depicts, in its absence, a fear of not surviving in connection with what one is facing at the time. In other words a strong sense of being overwhelmed by anxiety or some invading influence. See Breath, Wind.

Also, air connects earth and sky, the cosmic forces and material life. It is the medium in which birds or man can fly, which represents a rising away from material experiences into the abstract realms of speculation, and idealism. Naturally, one can fall from these heights. To breathe in is to be filled with spirit, to become connected with universal life and consciousness. To breathe out is to become more individualised, more aware of self.


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