Dream Symbol Meaning for BLOOD

The life energies, conscious life, and physical energy. Blood is the physical substance that interpenetrates every part of your body, and is in every creature in some form, so implies a universal life. It carries or produces, sensation, life, and consciousness. Its lack causes coldness, lack of sensation, powerlessness, and death.

There is the saying 'There is bad blood between them', or bad feelings. Also, 'It's in his blood' suggesting it's in his very nature.

Sometimes blood is used in dreams in the same way it is used in religious rites, to represent something we all share. In this role it depicts the common experiences we all share and build our life on, such as language, and the past struggles of human beings that have been built into the way we think and act. It also points to the fact that the mystery of life is something we all share.

Blood on clothes or coming from the body usually means that you are meeting some deep hurt, often emotional, or to your sense of self in some way.


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