Dream Symbol Meaning for BOAT

This often depicts how you are dealing with the ups and downs of life, with its tides, currents and changing weather, your journey through life and what you meet. Or perhaps the ship/boat is showing how life is dealing with you, rather than you with it. In many boat dreams the drama is actually about a relationship, what you face, what your involvement is with one or more other people. Therefore in some dreams it would represent sexual adventures. But in such dreams there is usually one or more other people with you on the boat.

Sometimes the boat portrays the journey of your own self-discovery as you begin to investigate the contents of your unconscious. The voyage you take on it then stands for your adventure into the unknown, and your means of coping with what is experienced. In some Myths the boat is used to carry the soul to the underworld or land of the dead, and here denotes contact with spiritual realms.


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