Dream Journal Privacy Policy

Our Commitment to Privacy

At DreamJournal, we respect your privacy. All information we gather from you will solely be used for statistical and demographic insights. We pledge never to share, sell, or misuse your data. Our communications are kept to the essentials, and you'll only receive emails that you've specifically opted into or requested.

Data Collection and Usage

Below is a table detailing the types of data we collect and how we utilize them:

Information Purpose & Usage
Email Address Used to send password reset notifications. Helps deter system abuse as we verify all email addresses. If the "Make Public" option is chosen in your user settings, it will be displayed. We only email account verification and at your request for account info. We never share or sell your email.
First Name Collected during journal creation. Displayed publicly only if "Make Public" is selected.
Last Name Optional. Displayed publicly only if "Make Public" is chosen.
Zip Code Used for internal statistics. Will never be publicly displayed.
Age Required for demographic insights and to confirm users are over 12. Displayed publicly only if "Make Public" is chosen.
Gender Optional and used for internal statistics. Displayed publicly only if "Make Public" is selected.
Website Optional. Your website will be publicly displayed only if "Make Public" is chosen.
Social Media Handles Displayed publicly if "Make Public" is selected.
Interests Optional. Provide if you want them displayed on your profile.

Feedback & Queries

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