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Dream Date User
Grass Sea and Sheep Monsters 09/21/17 GavinD222
Electric Purse Bug 02/25/17 ElleluvsL
What happened to Alicia? 08/14/07 nightpost
Volcanic Vacation 04/15/16 Sav
Apocolypse 03/02/16 dragonnan
Chased by a mob with knives and the 3 demons 02/26/16 Psychonautic44
The Boathouse Selling Contest 09/22/15 Themeadowsmear
Other World Fun and Leaving School Party 09/03/15 therararabbit
07/16/15 9spaceking
Swimming the Bleus 05/19/15 talfonso
An ex classmate,friend stops by & field of dreams 03/18/15 ImmortalDreams
A stabbing in the bathroom 01/14/15 therararabbit
Boyfriend and Best Friend 01/01/15 EmpressDiarist
Amongst the Stars 12/08/14 w104mhk
Golden Calves 05/16/14 Toolbearer
Hurt to encouragement to helping 04/26/14 Skellygirl
Black Blood 01/17/14 SWAPAN
Digimon WTF Dream 02/03/14 alisonmanic
Painting rainbows on the snow [short] 02/10/14 ImmortalDreams
When An Unfair Life Becomes An...Illusion......? 02/10/14 HelloPachirisu
the edge of the world? 08/21/13 MNemerald
Travelling through mountains 12/11/13 yodalaylee
Perfection 11/19/13 mostar99
The mermaid (dream#13) 10/29/13 NimHalliday
dream #100 10/11/13 NimHalliday
control colors??? (dream#10) 10/03/13 NimHalliday
Bloque rise (dream#61) 10/01/13 NimHalliday
Black energy parasites (dream# 94) 09/30/13 NimHalliday
Creep 09/29/13 therararabbit
Green Light 09/15/13 w104mhk
"Of using the darkness to one's advantage!" 08/24/13 HelloPachirisu
Like a Rainbow Shiny and Bright 06/21/13 Dangerous
Rescuing my dad, time travel, and violence 06/07/13 Hannah
Organization 13 irl group thing XD 06/05/13 HelloPachirisu
Kingdom Hearts epic rp OMG O_O;; 06/04/13 HelloPachirisu
Statues (dream#3) 04/23/13 NimHalliday
Resent Dreams (all from this week, i think :3) 04/12/13 HelloPachirisu
Daft Cube 03/23/13 MyLucidPony
Super Nova 03/16/13 w104mhk
Serpentines 03/06/13 Psychonautic44
Falling Sky 02/19/13 Psychonautic44
CSI: Miami 01/11/13 bakaprincess85
My Little Pony: Sky Races Are Magic! :D 02/09/13 HelloPachirisu
"Weird World" 02/08/13 HelloPachirisu
Not really remembered 02/03/13 bernice
Kristy 01/29/13 Dany
Beautiful girl at Water Park 01/27/13 LlamaDude
Ships, and Friends 01/03/13 girfacelove14
Dream Journal - Happy Anniversary Independece Days 67th 12/26/12 hadisetyono
Rainbow and Auroras 11/21/12 Kristy28b
beautiful, 6-part dream 08/30/12 jordymarinoff
psychadelic message 10/27/12 TheMollusk
Katy Perry strange Dream 10/14/12 KatysCat
Third Dream 02/10/12 Rosexish
The Secret Garden 09/15/12 lailabseiso
Horror and more horror part one /two 05/30/12 Deathangle
Horror and More horror part one ! 05/25/12 Deathangle
Flew over hills with a boy 08/20/12 mapleshaped
Stuck at the game 08/15/12 xxjewlzxx
Bioshock, Aliens, Little Sisters, and Haam. 07/02/12 hopelesschaos
The Lucid Power 06/06/12 mugger15
Buddhist Princess 03/10/12 horatio324
Little Boy 03/05/12 kellynyoder
Did Stefani die? 02/21/12 avalondream
Hucks coming out 02/08/12 Ballerinawannabe
Rainbow Cat, Green+Black Braid Wig, Bizzareness 02/06/12 DarkSeaPsyche
squrles 02/05/12 delaineyo
A Stepford wife? 02/05/12 Ballerinawannabe
i was a winx 02/04/12 Ballerinawannabe
Princess tutu 02/03/12 Ballerinawannabe
princess magic pageant 02/02/12 Ballerinawannabe
Was it really real? 01/28/12 TheSkyeFell
A Twisted Fantasy 01/19/12 chexmix95
Dancing Lights 01/16/12 HelloPachirisu
Lose 57 pounds 01/10/12 yaya11
Of...Rainbow Hairbeads annnd..... Pants 12/26/11 HelloPachirisu
A Mysterious Jungle Paintbrush! 12/19/11 HelloPachirisu
Vampire Black Death in Northern France 02/27/10 dressagerider
When you walk away... 12/10/11 HelloPachirisu
umm, idk what im doin lol 12/06/11 TaywerrJeevas
Camp With The Degrassi Cast 06/12/11 Dixen51
A Story 02/24/11 Dixen51
Library Book Return 12/03/11 dressagerider
The ULTIMATE POWER! 11/29/11 HelloPachirisu
my first kiss 11/28/11 trixie2011
TOUCHING Hello Kitty/Friendship dream... 11/22/11 HelloPachirisu
A Drive Down Memory Lane 05/15/11 tunedouttatum
fairy land 11/03/11 delaineyo
Sailor Moon get's sick 10/25/11 HelloPachirisu
doc martins .. <3 10/25/11 emilycox09
Magical Espeon Super Girl! 10/23/04 HelloPachirisu
My First Remembered Dream Ever :D 10/13/96 HelloPachirisu
"The Island That Team Snag'um Stole" 09/24/11 HelloPachirisu
EPIC Kirby dream 10/20/11 HelloPachirisu
Japanese Map and Phone Numbers! 10/20/11 HelloPachirisu
DestinyJ race! 10/19/11 HelloPachirisu
Trash Can Shadow 10/19/11 HelloPachirisu
Bye Bye, Mr. Joey! pkmn blue dream 10/18/04 HelloPachirisu
Kewl dream; Camp Gameboy Games!XD; 10/18/10 HelloPachirisu
"We are the Wish Rabbits!" 07/05/05 HelloPachirisu
Lucid bedroom 10/16/08 HelloPachirisu
Fun Harry Potter Induced Lucid (and flying regularly) 10/16/11 HelloPachirisu
My morning as a Pikachu ^_^ 10/15/11 HelloPachirisu
"Time to go off to POKEMON LEAGUE!!!!!!!" 10/15/11 HelloPachirisu
Johto Platform Diamond! Ohhhhhh... 10/15/02 HelloPachirisu
Hello, Summer Camp! 10/15/10 HelloPachirisu
"Boy Bears" and some sanriotown stuffiez 10/15/11 HelloPachirisu
"New Pokémon Series! Nataro!" 05/10/04 HelloPachirisu
Happy Fabric Closet Fun 08/11/04 HelloPachirisu
Sanrio fan for life ^_^ 05/18/11 HelloPachirisu
"Fun Gardevior/Willow-De-Whisp" dream 10/10/11 HelloPachirisu
Light Piano 09/29/11 mjk1635
Pink Hair, Secret Agents, Storytelling and Urination 09/22/11 utmosthorizon
Multiple Rainbows and Awesomeness! 09/22/11 Azarius
Lost and being chased again? 09/20/11 Serenity915
Dentists,Pokemon,and a Rainbow Cruise Ship 11/26/07 RandomGuy
dazed and confused 08/22/11 tsutey
Bus Message 08/14/11 ravencrow1991
Stone Reeves =] 08/07/11 ambersparks116
Finally Lucid 08/09/11 izzy916
Pitch Black Track and Spinning Lights 07/27/11 WeirdDreamer
Perfect Storm 2 07/20/11 Submachiner
Rainbows and Seasons 06/26/11 zrikolsen
The Rings 05/29/11 Adrasdrina
Paradise 05/22/11 000CherryBomb
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