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Dream Date User
Should I go all the way? / Tall bike 03/19/17 Person1
Going to A's house, and back to school night 02/10/15 hG
Trapped in High School 08/02/12 Lofty
Sand Dune Guitar Player 05/18/11 chris1
Masterbation and Rape 04/02/11 doctordream
knowledge 12/27/10 evangeline
christoph waltz and the apartment with four cats 10/20/10 SleepyJane
the preacher/doctor and the traveling carnival. 10/12/10 SleepyJane
Sawyer 09/21/10 nongenerica
ghosts of children turning into cats. 06/13/10 SleepyJane
Jeffery and Cole Party 05/30/10 Ryllis
Sexual Navel Dream 05/26/10 Takatu
Amazing Kiss 05/01/10 Lunaire
adopting M's dogs. 04/08/10 SleepyJane
Flirting with J and pulling him into an empty pool 03/30/10 aperfectcirgirl
Hot Sex Dream 03/19/10 WildHeart
a military officer and water won't boil 03/06/10 SleepyJane
Approaching Death 03/04/10 katie7000
Dream Home For Sale 02/24/10 SalazarBryanne
Shoes and bags 02/08/10 shaas239
The Red Book and Mysterious Library Man 02/09/10 katie7000
Fight Dream 02/05/10 katie7000
I thought he was gone forever 01/29/10 Rocky1939
Dreamland Matchmaker 12/27/09 Irina
School is a Mall, V is poor 12/14/09 hG
The Kiss 2 11/27/09 Kimmynan
Of Maja 11/21/09 Alyce75
Dirty old man 10/12/09 shadowknight
Friend to Love to Foe and Friend Again 08/18/09 SalazarBryanne
Everywhere I Go, I Run into Someone I Know: PartII 07/22/09 lilmaggiemay
Everywhere I Go, I Run into Someone I Know: PartI 07/22/09 lilmaggiemay
Filipina 06/30/98 Subrosa
Cheating GF 05/24/09 merules
The beach 05/23/09 Art
Don't Turn On the Lights 05/06/09 Alyce75
Wanting 04/28/09 fruita639
Aging rock star, convertible, lust 04/27/09 irisiris
Want Fernando 04/15/09 TranscendentExtc
Kissing you 04/12/09 Nefftyda
Butterfly Nipple 04/07/09 walrus
Dreams the Internet Gave Me 04/05/09 Malloriel
With David Ludlow at a Roman Complex and Ann Haven 02/21/09 shells
Shy 02/15/09 hanglikeastar11
Road Trip Country Store Dream 03/17/08 zombiephones
Lovecraftian saga by the sea 12/01/08 SleepyJane
Woops... 10/03/08 chappy86
With Sarah Kennon 09/29/08 Annabelle
The dream of chocolate cake and insects. 09/20/08 aNewBeat
DAY 2 (again) - "...it could have been a lot of fun..." 09/13/08 rikdrake
A professional curriculum vitae. 08/11/08 Sampson
What Next? 08/10/08 WeepingGuitar
I Feel the Need... 06/13/08 lyntess
Vietnam 08/02/08 kbetts
Not being able to resist infidelity: *not safe for work!* 07/15/08 glowingdancer
love and an accidental meeting (with gargoyles) 07/01/08 thoughtfox
Torquing triumphantly. 05/30/08 Sampson
Star Tours 05/18/08 Caleb9849
Lumière 05/07/08 Maria08
Office/Gunman 04/17/08 ismelllaundry
V10. 03/26/08 Sampson
Lost at the Mall, yet found 03/23/08 iggysaysrawr
awake while dreaming while awake while dreaming 02/12/08 amandy032
Basement 02/07/08 bratbaby915
The Japanese hexagonal kite. 01/23/08 Sampson
a dream so sweet 01/12/08 Azarius
In Love With a Lion 06/03/05 wolviechick121
30 years of wedding preparation. 01/10/08 Sampson
Jan 1 2008 - War 01/06/08 trihardist
Two Dreams 01/05/08 ryuamakusa
An Overpriced Apron 12/28/07 AtlasCoughed
Journal Box and a Murder 12/24/07 Pwyrdan
Tanz altered...shy Herbert 12/17/07 Icedevimon13
Omega vulture. 12/05/07 Sampson
A Dark Affair 11/26/07 sirene
Very busy dream 11/04/07 WildHeart
Thomas & the Mountain at Sunset 10/30/07 szeraphin
untitled 10/15/07 aroundyrcoroner
Not Very Wholesome 10/14/07 swanknight
halloween 10/10/07 lonepair
School Car Accident/Asking Mike/Getting Shot 10/10/07 Belial
The Strand 09/25/07 trihardist
Bro Hymn 09/22/07 3535
Glowing Dress 09/11/07 Lazellia
aliens on earth 01/21/05 Tinitsuatl
Tunnels of love, light & booze 09/06/07 Tinitsuatl
Secret Rooms in a House 01/29/07 Pwyrdan
Seattle 09/03/07 faupauxs
08/19/07 - woke up 1pm 08/19/07 miyavivivi
Weirdness 08/19/07 fhaney0828
zombies, vampires, and an old lost love 08/14/07 nikivenus
"Things" 08/13/07 Oahspe
Strap-on sex. 08/12/07 indigocherry
Flirtatious Angel and Seminary 08/05/07 Pwyrdan
Sailor's Kiss 08/05/07 misstake
A strange place 07/30/07 fhaney0828
Stealing What I Want 07/16/07 Pwyrdan
Field Trip 07/20/07 Ceshtanen
Get out of my head! >:( 07/17/07 toona
boy of my dreams 07/13/07 bellalucee
Selling Sex Toys and Fashion 07/01/07 Pwyrdan
Steven and I on base 07/10/07 fhaney0828
George W. Bush & me 06/28/07 melanie
Street 11/21/05 Baronesse
Being in a mansion; sex and confrontation with Lisa 06/08/07 eruditepisces
Eve Face Sexual 06/04/07 ohmymy
To Find my Dream Home 06/02/07 ImmortalDreams
Philadelphia 05/22/07 Rain
Spider One 05/21/07 Pwyrdan
The Unrequited Lurve/FRIENDS dream >_< 02/11/07 adeocle
the people forgotten by god 05/17/07 isabo
Hanging out with Lisa in various places 05/15/07 eruditepisces
May 4 05/04/07 trihardist
Sims/Watching movie with Lisa/cleaning up/floods/stripper 05/04/07 eruditepisces
Sex with Lisa 04/20/07 eruditepisces
April 12 04/12/07 trihardist
Class/talking to Charlee/Lisa gets jealous 04/09/07 eruditepisces
Closer to You 04/03/07 swanknight
Royal mountain range. 03/29/07 Sampson
Buying the wrong box? 03/28/07 ImmortalDreams
escaping the Tornado in cancun 03/28/07 ImmortalDreams
Trying to infatuate with a cloack-mesmerize- experience 03/22/07 ImmortalDreams
March 10 03/10/07 trihardist
The blue clothes. 03/08/07 Sampson
The gold leaf crayon. 03/02/07 Sampson
foolish 02/19/07 callmemrjoyjoy
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