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Dream Date User
Jesus Take The Wheel 08/26/17 sweetnsassy
Work and the Beach 07/16/17 echostarchild8
Accidentally Killing My Dog 10/19/16 Trey810
Potato pancakes and a career 09/10/16 echostarchild8
Failure in School 07/18/15 echostarchild8
The Apocalypse 12/23/13 faeriedh
nightmares 08/04/13 outgoingwoman4u
Titanic 06/02/13 KaraNicole11596
The Mummy 05/14/13 mariojose25
Loving My Attacker 12/29/12 DarkCrowe
Sex and Punishment 12/09/12 Sera
Lost and On The Run 10/27/12 amandamarie249
The Giant Building Site 07/05/12 veganpixie
The Art House 06/16/12 dratinigirl
Coffee with the ex-lover... 02/16/12 maggstaa26
Christmas Lights 12/20/11 ffeliciagraff
Murder then Wonderland 12/16/11 CASSIEAUDREY
Hookup Drugs 12/07/11 emilyb
Trying To Escape 12/08/11 c_n12
Lucid Nightmare 12/02/11 FerrellMartin
Physic attack 11/18/11 procyon
animal war 09/25/11 Dman
Trying to Escape 09/13/11 NanasMama
The chase of my life. 08/30/11 jjheelz
A Talking Shark?! 08/29/11 FerrellMartin
Mad World 06/09/11 Papertowel
Nbia: Vegetable Spiders 06/09/11 ilovebeansoo
Second full lucidity, but decided to give up control 05/12/11 Backpacc
Murder 02/20/11 Vlucy716
Nightmare #1 02/13/11 SilverScars
The Visit/Banana Belting 01/04/10 navarra
Scariest Thing EVER! 12/06/10 sweetiegrl141
Open-Headed Grackle 09/28/10 tehuti
flying train 09/28/10 duke1969
Decay 09/24/10 walktherain
water kin 09/23/10 Summer
Dream #2 09/03/10 julieangel
raped 08/29/10 misselaine2a
Castle Curse 08/21/10 xDarkAngelx
Blood of the First Born 08/21/10 squezey
The Fat Psycho 08/19/10 xDarkAngelx
Disaster Holiday in Spain 08/18/10 xDarkAngelx
Robot World 06/28/10 xDarkAngelx
Sin Village 08/09/10 xDarkAngelx
yet another dream but not the first on this topic 08/03/10 mysteriousshorty
not a dream, just two dreams telling me -maybe- the same thi 08/01/10 Jinko
Maltese Tiger 06/29/10 Lagal
Broken 06/27/10 Depth
like exorsist times 3 06/23/10 NotAmused
Escaping death with a bang 06/16/10 jonny6505
I didn't do the crime but i did do the time 06/09/10 NotAmused
Is this funny or is this sad? 05/13/10 justmedreamer
weird paranomoial dream 05/03/10 lexajoee
City by the Pier 04/29/10 dejavu
Chasing bears 04/26/10 dreamalot
A Giant Catfish Morphing Into A Giant Evil Cube 04/17/10 veganpixie
Mob encounter dream 2 (copyright 2-26-10 ) 02/26/10 LadyT
Midnight Stroll To Hell 04/10/10 JeremyP3
hot stuff 04/07/10 resuscitation
Saving You 04/06/10 Kirstie
Nap Dream 04/02/10 stormyskys
The Spider That GrewIt was in the living room of my parents' 03/18/08 ladyphoenix420
In The Car 03/11/10 blueslayzler
slow fade 03/06/10 erictarin
knee kapped man 03/03/10 xxleeannexx
WAR!! 02/12/10 Gabster628
grin reaper 09/02/10 cjrlm92
A Raptor's Trap and A Werewolf 02/10/10 Suzy711
Tornado 02/02/10 WildHeart
The Hunter and The Hunted: My Dragonball Z dream 02/02/10 thedude
A Fear of Entering into my Power 02/01/10 LibellobaWeaving
the beast 01/26/10 Dovey
Pregnancy dream about Josh 01/19/10 Typopositive
Ups and downs 01/16/10 richshambles
Shooting Range 01/12/10 moonstone
I AM FREAKIN OUT! 01/09/10 PenguinChic
Kiss with Crush 01/09/10 Kirstie
dec 1 2009 A 12/01/09 atlssr
8 spiders 11/16/09 soprano74
Matt Dallas and the Manta Ray 11/10/09 DeSabsMode
College shooting, giant worms, and a fat lady. 11/10/09 reeneysnare
scary 11/08/09 ireland43
precogs, postcogs, and recurring themes 11/07/09 al
The dead horse and the wedding 11/06/09 veganpixie
re-examine your waking life 10/30/09 al
Versus Battle of theTalking Cougar 10/16/09 Nakrencla
experiencing the 1956 Hungarian Revolution should embolden 10/14/09 al
precogs of tsunami and Japan story 09/30/09 al
Another dream came true... 09/28/09 Sanaky
"Movie Gone Bad" 09/26/09 dreamer1094
precog of satellites (illus.) 09/14/09 al
[ APH ] - [ ivan dream ] 09/04/09 Areazel
think about this website during my dream/seesaw (illus.) 09/03/09 al
nuclear blast/four trees (illus.) 08/25/09 al
Kidnapped From Home 08/19/09 TheLostGirl
parking garage 08/18/09 darfo9
everything substantial has to be done in real life (?) 08/15/09 al
accident in Kabul/flying train (illus.) 08/14/09 al
Collapsing Garden 08/05/09 MouseDemon
The Necromancer 08/10/09 sakamimanzou
my dream 06/28/09 LizzieC
Lucidly Exploring 2 07/27/09 mschecky
murder and mayhem all night long (illus.) 07/23/09 al
History- mystory 07/18/09 raedelsol
clunky antique cell phone (illus.) 07/06/09 al
bay windows in the State House (illus.) 07/01/09 al
Danvers State Hospital?/cobra totem pole 06/28/09 al
A Bumpy (Very Tall) Boat ride 06/18/09 nongenerica
alligators turn into dragonflies (illus.) 06/15/09 al
alligaters 06/13/09 dmichels
Welcome to Dead House 06/09/09 queercat
Early-Morning Bugs 09/21/96 tehuti
cemetery precognitives 06/06/09 al
sloped department store and underground passages (illus.) 06/04/09 al
The Kiss 05/25/09 trihardist
experimental aircraft (illus.)/private vs. public blog 05/24/09 al
mentally disabled nightmare/"polizia" (illus.) 05/22/09 al
Watch Out For the Snake 06/14/04 TabithaRobin
The Disappearing Island 05/07/09 TabithaRobin
wondering 05/05/09 uc1837
recalling dream in dream/white-arrow wooden puzzle (illus.) 05/04/09 al
The Stranger 04/29/09 AmberMarie
First night of heavy dreaming in a while... 04/25/09 Oahspe
reliving a traumatic childhood experience 04/19/09 al
Country Dining 02/10/09 teli220
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