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Dream Date User
Fever dreams 06/09/17 PearlDiver
Park and waterfall 05/26/17 hood12
Art vs hive mind 05/19/17 PearlDiver
Funeral Tossing 05/16/17 independentwaste
Fire hydras 05/07/17 PearlDiver
Recipe for immortality 04/21/17 PearlDiver
Chasing a chimp 04/04/17 PearlDiver
Raft race and malevolent trees 02/21/17 PearlDiver
School School 07/05/14 independentwaste
Fourth-Grade Classroom 03/29/16 w104mhk
TARDIS hijacked 07/12/15 WilliamDreams
Book of Alien Races 03/12/15 magicsparkles
Camping Pzyjn, interesting gear level, no time for sex lady! 01/18/13 hG
Maths With Brianna 02/05/15 reneenz
Bathing with the Goddess Parvati (2) 11/11/14 w104mhk
The Tree 06/10/14 w104mhk
Resume Writing, Crash Landing and Trip to Mexico 12/01/13 w104mhk
Ritual Candles (2) 10/24/13 w104mhk
Another Loss 06/18/13 Thewangfire
The Great Trial 03/31/13 TheMessenger
Not Enough Money and Luxury Movie Theater 12/31/12 magicsparkles
The Dark Room, Back at the Writing Center, & Roller Coaster 11/17/12 w104mhk
I was shot at by the police helicopter 09/23/12 paula90
Chris Molinski 02/08/12 qualcosabella
Honing Psychic Abilities to Draw a Picture 06/20/11 WanderingAnna
Werewolf 06/06/11 samines
The Most Lucid I've Ever Felt, Still Couldn't Fly 01/14/11 BlikeNave
Umiejscowienie na koncercie Paula 01/16/11 Joko
The inheritance. - Fragment 01/03/11 navarra
Economics class 08/09/10 vainstar
Numbers 08/09/10 evangeline
A horse academy and the Grim Reaper...? (lucid) 07/21/10 Oceiana
Horses and Corses 07/18/10 merules
resort 06/09/10 whiteecho
Reading Floating and meeting girls (lucid) 05/04/10 sebbythecrabby
Chasing on a Motorcycle 01/20/10 EBean
December 12th Dream 1 12/12/09 Sowyfeil
Art - Unrequited Love - Werewolf sequence 09/29/09 mmaitland789
Karate Chop Down My Ex. 09/22/09 QuiteMercurial
Thoth 07/18/09 EarthMother
a guide showing me a past life? 03/20/09 allie391
October 27 - Use Of Telekenisis 10/27/08 MushroomX
Law & Order SVU Meets The Sound of Music 04/05/08 lyntess
Bazaar 08/08/08 laika
Washing my hair with honey 07/18/08 bbskeet
The observer effect. 04/16/08 Sampson
The grindstone. 01/31/08 Sampson
Ironing bored on the beach. 01/22/08 Sampson
town burning down 01/12/08 tikaboo
Class, Brianna, and Comet 11/02/07 linny0503
The Dream House--The Dark Room, Part 2 06/01/07 witchsmacked1
A classroom for the mind 06/19/07 hurtchow
April 8 04/08/07 trihardist
Signing up for Art College. 01/24/07 Sampson
Factory terrorism & the social club party. 01/16/07 Sampson
Enemy at the Gates 09/05/06 CNiessl
Run These Errands 08/01/06 BlueHorse
Held Hostage 06/19/06 Linzee
Bruce Willis' Super Army 12/21/05 Krey317
Weak Back Then 02/19/05 BlueHorse
Basset hound ears! 02/15/05 pixiesdust777
Drug Wafers dream 11/07/04 marsunderground
Bongs and 13 Moons dream 11/06/04 marsunderground
Cottingley Faeries 10/11/04 Crow
Inside a church, and a kitten 10/10/04 Crow
Playing a video game 09/13/04 BigJTMoney
cookbooks 07/20/04 angrm
Stellar Lineup 03/05/04 marsunderground
Ghost in the Machine 01/20/04 marsunderground
Ego Blame dreams 01/10/04 marsunderground
Friends in the woods 12/08/03 imjoshinu87
Slaying the monster 10/07/03 redhedangel
".. do you know where I can find him?" 09/18/03 tuesday
Practicing for acting show 09/07/03 imjoshinu87
Flood 09/02/03 imjoshinu87
Old instincts 02/26/03 blackvess
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