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Dream Date User
The White Shark 09/11/17 LucidDreamer777
C.R.A.P. 07/14/17 LucidDreamer777
It’s Action Time 06/17/17 LucidDreamer777
Imaginary board game with a shapeshifting 'opponent' 06/19/17 Daedalus
Chimodzi 06/01/17 LucidDreamer777
Miss Understood & Alone 05/15/17 LucidDreamer777
That’s Not Her Moves 05/16/17 LucidDreamer777
Te-Am Work with Cthulhu 05/12/17 LucidDreamer777
(Arm) Pit 05/11/17 LucidDreamer777
Going Back & Forth 04/30/17 LucidDreamer777
A Deadly Strike 02/03/17 LucidDreamer777
Malicious Architecture 01/26/17 LucidDreamer777
Coconut Harvest 02/03/17 LucidDreamer777
Evil Polkka 11/04/16 LucidDreamer777
Solution? AK-47! 05/03/16 LucidDreamer777
Ice Cave 05/11/15 Genie
White Marble Staircase (2) 05/05/14 w104mhk
You Betta Work 11/23/11 Jekter
Girl with the dark hair and decorated hotel room 09/30/10 nongenerica
disease 03/19/10 swm4lfe
Plate Surfing on the Sand 02/26/10 Tatumuu
Lady Kali's Dagger 02/24/10 rynthae
school bus 12/17/09 notna
I'm Dead... Again? 11/01/09 aeallie
Journey 02/27/09 sunandstars
Empress of Mongolia 01/01/09 Stef
stalled by hard-boiled eggs and about "dream assignments" 09/25/08 al
life 07/31/08 MzTweetBird
Free from Egypt, Ensalved by Media 07/02/08 PhillipVA
Boyfriend 02/20/08 Nyx
Trees and falcons 01/23/08 hakusen
Soo Close... 01/02/08 inudog70
The Karate Kid 12/03/07 inudog70
Ocean Wave 10/26/07 mistydawn129
Bjorn suits me better than Kevin 10/18/07 mistydawn129
Visiting Graveyards 10/13/07 mistydawn129
Car Painting 11/24/07 Aaiire
The Prophet and the Great Dodgeball War 10/03/07 inudog70
Halloween 10/31/07 Nyx
Liger in the attic. 10/30/07 Sampson
300 part 2 09/16/07 3391
Happily washing my clothes in a barn. 08/19/07 Sampson
Video Game Squid 07/18/07 Knux7
Bank Robbery in a Desert Town 03/11/07 Pwyrdan
What could have been? 02/17/07 ScarletSoul
That was the best. 02/04/07 misstake
hills 01/14/07 ghostlove
Ocean inside the house. 11/29/06 puffin
Blue’s boy and the number one certainty. 11/26/06 Sampson
Baby Shower 11/05/06 darlingmeg
Boomerangs in College? 08/20/06 Yizzie
Shopping with Donovan 07/19/06 Pwyrdan
Weird Storm Trackers 06/25/06 acrowe
Did that sandwich have mayonnaise on it ? 02/13/06 honeyheavydew
Next Lifetime 05/12/06 ErikLennonGirl
Day Trip 03/27/06 Marvi
the cure 02/16/06 mattyboy12291
blah 01/16/06 lilcrzyazngirl
I'm a Cheerleader, Hanging out at a House, People 10/16/05 ennui
Space Ocean 09/15/05 sweetdreams06
Murder Mystery, guest starring Euan 09/06/05 Rhetorical
Waiting 08/21/05 Niphredil
San Ramon BART and Rocky Horror Cartoons 08/06/05 lavieboheme
The grave 07/31/05 paapaasmurf
Daughter Author 07/25/05 alexandra
prince at a party & Michael kisses me 11/30/03 kasiya
Chaneling the Dolphins dream 06/16/05 marsunderground
Sex right here/now 05/30/05 Cranberrydude
Brick Beach 05/25/05 mooshypanda
bikers and boys 05/12/05 yamii
Megan's abortion 04/11/05 imjoshinu87
Time Travel (and pop punk music) 03/16/05 lavieboheme
Darn Electromagnetic Human Forcefield 03/15/05 Sada
Bathtub 02/24/05 Oleander
a new house and a new boyfriend 02/13/05 PhantomVampyres
Madame Tussauds 01/29/05 Jailee254
Mr. Denison died 01/26/05 EchoCeline
A Very Short Dream from Last Summer 01/21/05 hopena
A Space Time Continuum 10/20/04 darko
going to a college 01/04/05 PhantomVampyres
an exboyfriend and a letter 12/29/04 PhantomVampyres
Serpents, Alligators and Hammerheads (Is this prophetic?) 11/24/04 Anael
Spirits, Dental Crown for Cows, and Scientific Research. 11/12/04 Celtie
Don't Kill the Sorceress 11/10/04 Celtie
Drug Wafers dream 11/07/04 marsunderground
Bongs and 13 Moons dream 11/06/04 marsunderground
Full Disclosure dream 10/29/04 marsunderground
Ding-ding-da-ling!!! 10/07/04 Dink
Burn 10/09/04 Morrigan
Roses In Shape Of A Heart 10/07/04 krazy4leebailey
College Lecture dafumu dream 09/06/04 marsunderground
I'm going to be a Rock Star dream 08/15/04 marsunderground
The pool with Caesar 08/04/04 Vickiesan
Princess Warrior 07/25/04 werewolf
Bad surroundings 07/05/04 enigma
Faeire land 06/09/04 poopcicles
555-7777 03/22/04 marsunderground
Fortune Telling 01/25/04 marsunderground
The boy I picked up when I was four 01/04/04 Susanbev
Exam in a Cave 12/14/03 enigma
6 things about my cat 12/02/03 twilight
Pigs after my cherry slushee 11/10/03 tuesday
Lorren's Board Game 11/02/03 Zuma
Matrix 11/04/03 Hellfighter
Level Three: Capturing One's Character 10/28/03 Kynthos83
Queen of the Fish 10/22/03 tuesday
Mysterious Hotel 10/08/03 Zuma
The Glass Walker 09/15/03 radicaldreamer
Mars exploding 09/13/03 tuesday
More explosive gumballs! 09/03/03 tuesday
You'll deal with me /now./ 08/30/03 radicaldreamer
Rollerskating pond fish 08/31/03 tuesday
Piercings 08/28/03 Tigress
Photographic Suicides 08/09/03 enigma
Human cake 08/03/03 KayzDreamz
searching for...? 05/16/03 ElvenStar
safe in a secret room 05/06/03 enigma
losing partial gravity 05/01/03 enigma
new boyfriend 04/23/03 enigma
At the mall 04/17/03 CaptivatingOne
The Cult And Seeing The Truth 03/23/03 PhoenixOfLight
running up mountains 03/18/03 enigma
doves and dogs 02/16/03 enigma
At The Tidepools - 0904 02/13/03 AbrasiveDave
Post-Traumatic Fireworks 07/16/01 tehuti
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