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Dream Date User
We aren't allowed on the warehouse roof 09/10/17 haux
Luxury cars 11/19/16 haux
House-sitting goes wrong 08/07/16 haux
The Mad Painter at the Theater 09/13/93 BlueOpossum
My Brother is Daredevil and We're all Accidental Cannibals 09/25/15 Anonymouse
Test-driving a Jaguar (lucid) 07/12/15 haux
Needing Bus Money 04/06/15 Canadiangirl95
Baby Elephant on the Lawn 06/08/13 tinkerbelle04
The sailboat and the beef 12/17/10 tinkerbelle04
Bentleys and Cave 05/12/10 MegM78
Diary catchup 03/01/09 robin
Poor Bentley 10/15/08 carmenjb
Test, laptop, movie on the roof 07/20/08 benni
Snakes and a Beach --- Maybe Porn UPDATED 07/29/07 Muffility12
In search of flavoursome food & too embarrassed to talk. 05/07/07 Sampson
if only. 04/08/07 Somewhatcrazy
Poisoning my Chickens! 03/15/07 tinkerbelle04
Sunburn's Soup and Firewood 01/17/07 tinkerbelle04
The imaginary Aston & watch. 10/29/06 Sampson
Eggs, Food, SAT 05/31/06 benni
Former Classmates 05/05/06 Muffility12
Tornadoes 08/07/05 TornadoAli
Nightmare About Bentley...R-rated 11/21/05 Muffility12
Nuns, a Mouse, and a Getaway 08/17/05 Muffility12
Rhiannon and Another Latin Class Disaster 07/20/05 Muffility12
The Mysterious Valerie 07/30/05 Muffility12
Last Day of School 06/16/05 benni
Kitchen, Angelina's Teeth 06/14/05 benni
PreBC Scariness 05/28/05 benni
An Odd Day at School 04/12/05 Mipchunk
Caitlin M. 01/11/05 Muffility12
Cats in my Boots 01/03/05 Muffility12
Halloween at Bentley 12/26/04 Muffility12
On the Way Back from School 01/02/05 benni
Ms Scafuri, Time Confusion, Jesse 12/15/04 benni
Gorilla Attack 12/02/04 Muffility12
An Extra Year of Bentley 07/19/04 Muffility12
Ms. Orrego at CPS 07/22/04 Muffility12
Strange Outfits 07/07/04 benni
Vegetables 07/03/04 benni
Bentley High and Salmon Eyes 06/13/04 Muffility12
Pretzel is a Murderer! 05/24/04 Muffility12
The Rapture 04/24/04 Muffility12
Summer Camp 07/17/03 benni
NYT and Animals at School 07/20/03 benni
At a House, then a Field Trip 08/06/03 benni
Chinese Resaurant in New York 08/19/03 benni
Semi-Connected Adventure 02/12/04 benni
but i just want you to come figure me out 01/25/04 magnetosphere
Old Friends on my Hill 11/06/03 Muffility12
The Devil's Dog Walker 11/04/03 DaLyrical1
Random Dream about Power Outlets and Scandinavian Log Cabins 08/25/03 Muffility12
The Disaster Room at Bentley 08/21/03 Muffility12
Not Just an Ice Machine... 08/20/03 Muffility12
Back at Bentley 08/19/03 Muffility12
Recovering my Prizes from Bentley on Antigua 08/17/03 Muffility12
Shayna, Ms. Mockingbird, and the Euro 08/17/03 Muffility12
Dull Math Class Dream 08/16/03 Muffility12
Tour Director Marte in Norwegian Ruins 08/24/03 Muffility12
My City Council Advisor 08/04/03 Muffility12
Last School Year, Next School Year 07/31/03 Muffility12
Traveling around Alaska 06/03/03 Pruedence
The American Civil War and a Computer Game 04/11/03 toric13
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