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Dream Date User
School of Magic 04/17/16 Sav
Go to Rescue, End Up At Religious Gift Shop 01/28/11 chibijirohchan
Set's Dirty Little Secret 06/09/09 tehuti
Fragment: Old Osiris Book 01/01/90 tehuti
Lightning Bolt Mishupishu 05/06/09 tehuti
**WRESTLING AN EGYPTIAN GOD** 11/20/08 HelloDali
The Egyptian God of Intestines? 07/09/07 HelloDali
It's a conspiracy! D: 02/28/07 Siaarn
After the rodeo 08/06/06 LatestInsomniac
I Am Anubis 07/22/06 tehuti
Ra rising and a pubic crucifix 05/20/06 HelloDali
Test of the Gods 09/10/04 Frostlight
Stairs and Maggots 08/25/98 svenskasfinx
God/Satan, New Years, Movies with Meat, and An Annoying Kid 01/04/04 chovexani
Due South: Quest For The Script Of Life! 08/22/96 tehuti
Osiris 09/20/03 xicantbreathex
The Interrupted Bath & The Evil Hanuman 08/07/96 tehuti
Arab Dreamer 03/29/03 Raptorine
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