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Dream Date User
A Package from Margaret 11/16/97 BlueOpossum
Aiding in an Escape 01/06/15 BlueOpossum
Stephen on My Mind 06/16/17 Anona
Hospital, hallway, system and service elevator 03/16/17 Person1
"Return of the Fairy Tale", Reading Letters in Clayfield 01/05/17 BlueOpossum
Morphing Cookbook 05/07/96 BlueOpossum
Corrupted Dream or Bad Omen of Things to Come 03/07/16 ChrisDreaminIt
Queen Dream 01/30/16 crazycrone
Magic, Love, Alternate Realities and Wishful Thinking 08/10/15 ChrisDreaminIt
April 7th-8th 2015 - Talking Blackbird Raum 04/08/15 jimseviltwin
Castenada Article (Debunker) 12/12/14 Sevenhawks
Proposal 09/11/14 RemlitQueen
Of Stress Management and Self Care 08/16/14 norrismichal
Book Searching . . . At a Cafe? 03/18/14 Genie
"God" dropping ropes from the sky and "God" as a door 04/24/97 BlueOpossum
The "Other Life" Mystery... 06/06/13 BlueOpossum
3 mini dreams: Bleeding 03/30/13 Meganhayward
3 mini dreams: Bleeding 03/30/13 Meganhayward
My Motorcycles and Mordecai? 03/05/12 Masso
The Haunted Mansion 02/18/12 Moogiekupo
Odalisque 11/15/11 jurassicsex
Into The Future 08/17/11 xMuffinMocha
I didn't know cats could walk on walls 10/12/10 sugarhigh200
I am a superhero 02/11/11 MaxCrowne
Living Dead Folks 01/09/11 mandalatree85
Margaret's Wedding 05/06/08 luciernagad50
Power Outage on the Rollercoaster 03/20/08 luciernagad50
gargantuan Margaret Thatcher grows even larger 07/24/10 al
Disorganization costs me a job (Ghost job?) 07/18/10 Anona
My Childhood House Bought, I Teach Football 07/15/10 Anona
Gregory House and My Old House 07/13/10 Anona
The CIA Vs. A Bad Ass Vampire 05/25/10 realdreamer
Just an update + Small Dream 06/10/10 SeanCleary
yellow goat bird 06/10/10 equisetum
Italy (again?) 04/24/10 jmbreyes
Eating contest 02/08/10 haux
junbalaya soup 02/03/10 Summer
School, elevator, class 02/01/10 haux
conversation with cryptic dream character 01/18/10 al
Africa 01/11/10 Summer
The Silver Cord 11/18/09 SisterDino
house sitting family 07/09/09 equisetum
principals and assassins 06/14/09 equisetum
Who the heck are these people anyway? 04/10/09 collapsedstar66
Margaret 03/30/09 Punorey
Helping Margaret Find a Job 03/27/09 Polarviolet
Concerning School Children 02/20/09 musicmaker
A Suprising Guest and the Escape 12/03/08 lilmaggiemay
at the museum 11/02/08 equisetum
Nana 09/02/98 sparkler
Forgotten CD 08/06/08 Lazellia
lions, orange paint bomb, and surgery 07/18/08 oceanchild
Usually I save the WORLD, tonight just my university 04/13/08 dorareever
Protracted School Work 05/13/04 n2lect2el
Margarets 09/18/07 Lazellia
Early Marriage 09/10/07 3771
Lunch Backstage 04/09/07 ArtfulDodger
performance of "Walk On" at church wearing filmy white dress 04/21/07 belenen
Cross Town Travels 03/27/07 lotas
Blasts from the Past and Other Stuff 02/26/07 lebeefcake
West Virginia is South of Virginia? Since When? 11/14/06 Yizzie
sleepwalkers 07/23/06 lspetry53
Mom, Thsnk You 07/18/06 MagentaRose
Hug 06/06/06 MagentaRose
God Against Us: Alien Spaceman Jesus 05/02/06 secretrapture
psychotic celebrities 03/24/06 Filiate
summer camp 02/13/06 alexbyanks
not sure 01/12/06 alchemivida
rugs and cliffs 02/03/06 mangofandango
fragments and a blowjob 10/02/05 HelloDali
School dance. 06/28/05 playcrackthesky
Concert. 01/23/05 playcrackthesky
Camping. 01/18/05 playcrackthesky
Del Boy death 07/24/05 london_lad
Elementary School & Fish 04/06/05 ninfea
Futuristic dystopia 02/25/05 purplegenie
Another visit from Margaret 01/29/05 MagentaRose
Just Us 3 Mom 01/26/05 MagentaRose
A visit from Margaret 01/11/05 MagentaRose
Margaret Thatcher the lineswoman 12/21/04 london_lad
Israel 10/24/04 Jmycenae
"School of Rock", Renna, and Car Thieves 08/25/04 Muffility12
F^*&^ing MIKE!!! Im gonna KILL him!! 07/21/04 Rocky1939
Teeth 06/26/04 CountessDracula
Last Night's Dream 06/24/04 CountessDracula
tap in SF, motoring in italy 03/17/04 magnetosphere
back at the hospital 01/29/04 magnetosphere
Follow Granny's Green Hat 12/27/03 DreamPhreak
Margaret Wood at the movies 10/13/03 BernadettRN
poison suicide? 03/18/03 jeccie
Pets 02/26/03 vashti
Super Me! 12/31/02 cursedgoddess
Margaret Mead & AC 12/20/02 Tinitsuatl
put your arm around me 10/21/02 the_zapper9060
water park 10/20/02 the_zapper9060
Flying stuff?? 02/19/02 Girrbles622
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