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Dream Date User
Mansion 03/19/17 Dreamingofgrapes
Grubs in Mikey's neck. Taking refugee child to meet family. 08/26/15 LeylaTheGreat
Sailor Senshi in Paris 08/03/15 Dreamingofgrapes
5 Dreams at Night 08/01/15 Dreamingofgrapes
Work at the Market? 07/26/15 Dreamingofgrapes
Going back and forth to (Dan's?) house, swimming pool, cat 04/13/15 LeylaTheGreat
crack house, ect. 12/09/14 ilovehaircut100
A REQUEST DREAM THAT GOT 'LAUGHS' 09/21/13 ImmortalDreams
Something is ''bugging'' me and out shopping with friends 11/22/12 ImmortalDreams
OMG 09/17/12 cherryoreo
Priest-Bro and Vampire Guy 08/26/11 Malloriel
Stormy Flight 05/17/12 Submachiner
Night of 2/25/12 02/26/12 zoeeeeeee
Hearts and Mikey Way. 02/24/12 Eabhakiwi
Parkhill/Party nightmare 02/10/12 thespade4
Spiderman, My Chem and Sel Gomez, OH MY 08/20/11 CarlieCoruscate
Hooker 03/25/11 thespade4
Get a job. 02/27/11 lostinwonderland
Mikey 01/29/11 NatalieGale
Bomb 11/01/10 Tigirus
Python 12/17/10 Tigirus
Wierd dream/ Lucid for 1 minute 11/01/10 ghostreborn2004
Big Fight Night 07/24/10 Karma23
Sleepover with Fascinating Guests 07/18/10 WeirdDreamer
Yume 05/04/10 destinysfinal
tokens and tickets 04/03/10 jackievonrueden
name game 04/02/10 jackievonrueden
mikey's world 01/30/10 mikeyse
1/8/09 01/08/10 stayhuman853
Purple Chicken 01/03/10 val77
the reunion 12/29/09 KayGeeZee
Trying the CAT method 11/25/09 Mistydreams
Leave my Mommy out of it! 11/18/09 dreemr
Mikey Mouse and Real life 09/09/09 malkuth
Sharks/Mothers 08/12/09 Spaces
dad remarried 06/19/09 karengilmore
March 30th 03/30/09 KiaraWeibel1
Killing Nick 03/10/09 koffinkid
Killing Nick 03/10/09 koffinkid
Garage Intruder 03/03/09 Mamakoo
Follow the Path of Those Before You 01/18/09 dreemr
Bobble-Headed God 01/14/09 dreemr
Racist 01/16/09 Resch17
Meat Footballs 11/28/08 Lexa
Python Bites 11/19/08 dreemr
Missing Children 11/17/08 Mamakoo
Clint Eastwood 10/24/08 Lexa
Three Tornados 07/31/98 Mamakoo
Magical Tarot Board 04/18/98 Mamakoo
Brothers solve a murder crime 10/05/97 Mamakoo
"Sesame Streets" Chronicles 09/24/08 TupacShady34
Out of the window, to see my guinea pig eat a rabbit! 08/26/08 KazzieLove
Disaster Trip to Puerto Rico 08/11/08 ardore1
Mike to the rescue 07/17/98 technicolor
Monkees episode 07/18/98 technicolor
May 6th 2008 05/06/08 KiaraWeibel1
March 19th 2008 03/19/08 KiaraWeibel1
march 10th 2008 03/10/08 KiaraWeibel1
Februrary 18th 2008, 2 02/18/08 KiaraWeibel1
Lily Wants to Go Out With Me 12/28/07 inudog70
The Living Structure 04/17/07 Zenith
The Day My Voice Died 05/04/07 HePlaguesDreams
Smooshy-inspired MCR dream 04/18/07 Tsunade
Matthew And Flowers 04/11/07 artmusicbirds
I Feel So Bad. Eating Cake While Watching Mike Seaver. 04/05/07 artmusicbirds
Alien Rock 07/27/06 Yizzie
Hospital rooms in Wal-mart 07/24/06 Yizzie
memories 06/09/06 whitenoise
Nautical Adventure? 05/03/06 chatterbug1o14
Carosel Dream 04/18/06 stupidrose
fast food rendezvous 03/20/06 lspetry53
running the farm 02/15/06 CheshireCat
random trip home 01/19/06 CheshireCat
B.J. Plays Magic? 03/19/02 endymion21
Zdon 10/10/05 xadorexwhorex
vignola, youve got some deodorant on your face age 15 08/29/05 lspetry53
Dance 07/27/05 pandaundercover
a visit to friends 07/06/05 SkyeDreamer
IX 05/04/05 enigmaticmuse
gender confusion and various loves 02/09/05 fairyprincess
thanksgiving and grandma's attic 02/03/05 MichellyAqua12
Wierdness 02/03/05 psychofreako
Begging for Information 02/03/05 Redhead
Flying with Mikey 01/26/05 dtdreams
Multiple Dogs 01/14/05 Rubystars
False awakenings 01/10/05 Rubystars
Water. 01/05/05 Monoxide
Giant mice 01/01/05 Rubystars
Mikey kissed me... hahaha 12/30/04 psychofreako
LSAT'S 12/22/04 psychofreako
I got beat up by Red Head Boy! 12/20/04 psychofreako
The Turqouis Master at the Chinese Buddhist Temple 11/23/04 kidsoup
My First Car 11/21/04 MtDewWolf
Returning to my Old, Old Childhood Home 11/18/04 kidsoup
Greg Sings Belle and Sebastion 11/17/04 kidsoup
Staying with Uma Thurman and the Escape from the Swamp 11/07/04 kidsoup
School days and lucid power line weaving in the sky! 11/04/04 kidsoup
Tom Delonge is so hot 10/29/04 dtdreams
The sky is falling 10/18/04 kidsoup
mix of historic movie and modern day reality 08/02/04 SkyeDreamer
The pilot whales and the First Lucid Dream Class 06/09/04 kidsoup
Darren 06/05/04 evilelmo
Too Early 05/16/04 SylvanFae
The dam. 04/10/03 mezzy
Mikey's Boring Document 10/08/03 bluejumine
i dreamed the aliens were coming 03/26/02 beezwax
The Man... 05/05/03 FairyPrincessJs
zombie mummies 03/19/03 ugottobhilikus
Rob's Boardhouse and killer monkeys in cups 09/15/95 Koyukionna
WEIRD ASS DREAM... 02/13/03 bettie
A Farce of Nature 01/08/03 SabotageMost
*mike comes back* 12/15/02 daydr3am3r
*dating myrick* 11/21/02 daydr3am3r
Poisonous Moth 07/24/02 Morrigan
aliens!! 06/18/02 sassychick
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