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nazi archaeology dig, nun baker lady died 08/21/17 LeylaTheGreat
The Perfection & The Sharks 05/18/17 LucidDreamer777
Chased by a Demon-Nazi Hunter (added pic) 03/12/17 Daedalus
The Old B.V. House 01/25/10 liarparadox
SIX SHORT DREAMS IN ONE NIGHT 03/23/17 fridaygraveyard
Barber’s Flight 07/06/16 LucidDreamer777
OPERATION: PC 10/31/16 LucidDreamer777
Death Cycle 02/14/76 BlueOpossum
Family Friend Visit After Party Turned To NFL Nazi Camp 09/30/16 alexvill1994
Flying Frying Pan Becomes Submarine Hatch 04/21/16 BlueOpossum
Sinking in North Korea 03/20/16 c_n12
aircraft and medical students 02/16/16 TassieEndWorld
Thousand Steps 02/09/16 CielNoir
Seth After Ordeal 12/05/15 Anona
Snobbish couple 10/13/15 hippydippy
The Soviet Moving Picture 09/29/15 l1tl3gurl
Hanging 09/26/15 hippydippy
Very strange dream. 07/09/15 Natylei
Nightmare: Descent 03/23/15 DemiakAgard
Nazi Time Machines, and Giant Monster 03/25/15 SabotageMost
Hitler at My Door 03/20/15 LuxNeri
embraced by light 03/10/15 Coynepurse
Nazi Extremists 09/02/14 Bluebird
Blowing up buildings, bell playing, Nazis 02/24/15 dreamfox
Rug/Sleep 01/16/15 illyria723
Barnes & Nobles Sale / Looking For Makgeolli & Interrogation 11/14/14 stakkr303
Killing Nazis in a Parade 08/25/14 walrus
Nazis 03/14/12 KoolDreamKid
hells fury 04/25/14 redfire222
Nazi Nightmare. 06/24/09 BreStud
The Harlequin and the Ticktockman 02/14/14 BlueOpossum
Nazi amusement park 01/20/14 haux
iwasjustinbeiber made me cry (dream# 55) 01/14/14 NimHalliday
Mind Invasion 11/22/13 Layne
Early magic dream, age 6 (recurred for several years) 08/25/67 BlueOpossum
Accidents and tears 10/16/13 therararabbit
Nazi Train 08/18/13 Kaikaboom
Another creepy house/zombie dream 08/18/13 Faerie
Cows in Montana 07/09/13 emillay
Escaping Nazis 04/20/13 Codimi
Hiding my friend from the Holocaust 04/07/13 haux
A romanticized view of old place I lived in 03/10/13 Anonymous
POW Hospital 04/02/09 AmongstTheRabble
Nazi Robots 10/07/12 Blaine
Flying a World War II glider 10/01/12 haux
Love, Zombies and Suicide 09/22/12 XxFearOfNonexX
Aquarium Nazis 08/25/12 louised26
Future Holocaust 12/24/10 SterlingDove
Nazi's 08/20/12 webdiva
Nazi invasion 06/18/12 Flashback
The Walking Dead Virus 05/21/12 cooldch1
Bathtubs, Back Bathrooms, & Bats 05/08/12 tehuti
the best 05/13/12 coldr3ality
Movie or real life? 02/24/12 xoxolildevil
Journey across the Sea 01/30/12 xDarkAngelx
Rundown Restaurant and Bar 01/29/12 brwdladr
Witch Nazi Jew? 01/12/12 SabotageMost
The bookstore 12/28/11 haux
Feldspar 10/03/11 stillwater
Outdoor Party of Amazingness 09/06/11 WeirdDreamer
Prisoners of War, Then Flying Free 08/12/11 Lazellia
Recurring Demon Haunts Me One Last Time 08/03/11 moonovercity
Nazi occupation at top of mountain with snow 06/28/11 shells
Hitler and Blue Flags 06/15/11 JaceNonRecycler
Heil, mein Führer! 05/12/11 GlowingOne
Exams and ice cream 05/07/11 LatestInsomniac
Hiding from Nazis 04/21/11 haux
Hiding 04/20/11 WeirdDreamer
Splinters of wood. Little Katie has grown up 04/18/11 drifter
Cenozoic Era. Middle ages.Renaissance. Punk groupie 04/17/11 drifter
Valledupar in Spain 04/03/11 gragbonk
One Word: Nazis 03/13/11 WeirdDreamer
Nazis and jews 03/07/11 Atismia
Mickey and the Nazis 12/26/10 tuckerjack48
Nazi Zombies and Facebook 11/24/10 arpantz
holocaust 08/22/10 alabamagirl
Illuminati Soldiers 08/22/10 magicsparkles
German Occupation 08/01/10 tokiocinema
Fonzie the Nazi 08/28/77 BlueOpossum
Library 06/19/10 buryuntime
June 1, 2006 7:17 PAM 06/01/06 jamezilla1
a week’s worth of dreams in one entry 05/29/10 al
nazi dream 05/28/10 gatebean
The Trench 07/15/09 Talpidae
Insects 05/25/10 robyoung08
nazi zombies 04/13/10 vegetariansrule
dancing with the nazis and jumping up and down 02/14/10 kklyrical
The Nazi Murdering Convention 02/09/10 dreamchaser
Nazi Zombies at my door 11/26/09 tokiocinema
Police and Cookies 11/05/09 megalodon
The Surprising Genius of a Hindu California 10/26/09 marklavin
A 2013 Prophecy - Gone Green and the Great Betrayal 07/14/07 marklavin
WWII in a barn 09/19/09 mherrst
Nazi Pursuit 09/02/09 Codimi
Alien Apocalypse 09/01/09 WolfShadow
Escaping Boarding School 01/20/09 Elysia
The Holocaust 08/19/09 saramiri
Imaginary job pt.2 & Anarcists, Nazis. 08/22/09 Aitopeda
At a Concentration Camp 08/19/09 tokiocinema
Concentration Camp 08/10/09 Blitzkrieg
Secret Love in Nazi California 08/03/09 marklavin
A Chase 07/17/09 KeL137
New Sensation 04/27/09 angelicmobster8
Nazi Camp Invasion 07/08/09 sakamimanzou
Nazi Principle 07/03/09 Dana
Kittens and Prisons 06/16/09 Lazellia
Pilgrimage to Vote 06/13/09 sebbythecrabby
The Mis-rented Movie 05/10/09 SabotageMost
Jack Frost and Nazis? 05/10/09 Dana
Secret cult Marriage, Ex-Nazi house, neighbour 05/07/09 sebbythecrabby
Nazi Russian School 05/01/09 sebbythecrabby
2nd Holocaust 04/29/09 angedemusique
european politics, dirty mattresses & susan sarandon 03/29/09 shalomsunrise
Mass Evacuation 09/14/08 mschecky
Spying on Nazis with Boromir 03/15/09 HaldirAragorn
Escaping the Nazi Takeover 02/28/09 Polarviolet
Escape from the Nazis 02/08/09 dreamcicle
“When I was in the parking lots trying to fight against..." 04/04/08 Daddison
German Nazi Fetish 01/10/09 london_lad
ireland in the nazi era 01/09/09 caribou
Vivid Episodes 01/02/09 Norwig
Nazis 12/26/08 hockeyloverdb
December 26, 2008 12/26/08 ElFaBah
Down to Tha Last Roach 12/25/08 HitThatJiveJack
Sea Crash, Casanova Frankenstein, The Stamp Machine 11/23/08 SabotageMost
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