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Dream Date User
Magic Chalk Drawings and Exotic Birds 07/12/95 BlueOpossum
The Cotton Bowl 01/02/67 BlueOpossum
Hitting bottom/Dream Guy and preperations for the future. 03/08/17 Sevenhawks
Otto 02/13/17 london_lad
The Harbour 12/03/16 london_lad
Precognitive??? Dreamnt of Ex-Boyfriend, Again 11/18/16 EmpressDiarist
College Anxiety Dream and another failed reality check 10/19/16 saintbeast
The Replacement 09/23/16 LucidDreamer777
Jethro Tull 09/29/16 london_lad
Estate Agent 08/09/16 london_lad
Christmas/Genesis 08/08/16 london_lad
Cotton Fields 05/29/76 BlueOpossum
Otto Takes A Dump 03/10/16 london_lad
Scanning the Bottom of Loch Ness and Finding Beauty 02/16/16 BlueOpossum
Oct 25 2015 10/26/15 Bigdreams
“Bottomless” Pit at Loomis Street 02/09/79 BlueOpossum
“Bottomless” Pit Near Middle School 02/09/73 BlueOpossum
The "Bottomless" Pit (at North Monroe Street) 06/01/68 BlueOpossum
Taxi in Wootton 09/19/15 lunamoth
Job On The Line 07/19/15 london_lad
Food Poisoning 06/15/15 london_lad
The Split 11/03/14 london_lad
Video Games And Cotton Candy. 11/05/14 mypsychosis
In A Car 10/07/14 london_lad
Bikini Bottom Wyoming 10/25/14 mypsychosis
Otto Ill 10/06/14 london_lad
The Bank Of Otto 09/13/14 london_lad
Otto Off A Lead 08/15/14 london_lad
Wild Otto 07/22/14 london_lad
Poo Bag 06/04/14 london_lad
Otto's Lead 05/28/14 london_lad
Excuse 05/21/14 london_lad
Otto And An Encyclopedia 04/28/14 london_lad
"Funny Business" in the Grotto 04/11/87 BlueOpossum
Our Barolin Street Kitchen is over a Bottomless Pit 09/11/10 BlueOpossum
At The Football Club 03/23/14 london_lad
Dog Intruder 03/04/14 london_lad
The Train Toilet 02/08/14 london_lad
Otto Talks. Alligator Attacks 01/15/14 london_lad
No Dogs Allowed 11/06/13 london_lad
Otto 09/30/13 london_lad
Philosophy with Captain Beefheart 09/29/13 london_lad
Walking Home 06/26/13 london_lad
A Craft For Three 05/21/13 london_lad
Running a marathon with Sophie 05/17/13 london_lad
On A Hill 03/14/13 london_lad
Pigeon in the house 02/28/13 london_lad
Bike 02/19/13 london_lad
Shotton Hall, Carol and Games 02/10/13 bernice
Rick Wakeman 02/05/13 london_lad
Bacon & Eggs dream again 02/02/13 london_lad
At A Nightclub 12/27/12 london_lad
A parcel from Norwich/a tale of a tail 12/23/12 london_lad
Treasure at the bottom of Ocean 12/11/12 kekukuke
The Hotel 11/09/12 london_lad
Soduku, Chess and Killer Soduku in one game 10/04/12 london_lad
Quickly Sinking To The Bottom Of A Black Lake 09/17/12 melanie
The Room at the bottom of the stairs 11/30/98 Snowqueen
Two dogs and a mouse in a house 06/14/12 london_lad
Unfriendly Otto 05/31/12 london_lad
Otto the mouse catcher 05/20/12 london_lad
Collapsed friend 05/03/12 london_lad
Cotton Candy- Spewith Forth! 02/24/12 leen09
Truanting collection point 02/12/12 london_lad
Otto in the headlights 01/04/12 london_lad
Toy cars 12/06/11 london_lad
Chitty Chitty bang bang type dream 12/02/11 london_lad
There is water at the bottom of the ocean (illustrated) 11/18/11 SabotageMost
Lotto Fail 03/17/11 Ribeye
The Forgotton Dream 06/19/11 Yuki
A handful of Established Specifics About Vitamin B2 03/10/11 niti42gran
Bottomless Bucket of Blue Liquid 01/20/11 JayHaze
The Scorched Earth 12/11/10 SabotageMost
nightmare. 10/31/10 sarahxx
My School has a "Grotto," and I'm Late 07/09/10 Anona
Escaping death with a bang 06/16/10 jonny6505
bottom of the universe 05/16/10 Astral1111
The Cotton Wool Bed 02/06/10 Shamballa
Sharks and CD's 01/06/10 Deadknocker
i was fearne cotton's baby's surrogate mother.. 12/31/09 tashmo
The Purple Tree and the Bottomless Pit 12/27/09 SabotageMost
Soggy-Bottom Girl 12/18/09 tehuti
Muddy Otto 11/22/09 london_lad
Otto takes a dump 10/16/09 london_lad
bottoming-out the RV 10/27/08 derelict17
Tons of tornadoes 07/16/09 cubacityclan
The bottom sheet 06/22/09 stuster
The Bottom Drawer 01/02/90 tehuti
The Restaurant at the Bottom of the Ocean 05/14/09 SabotageMost
Riding a Boat on the Bottom 05/10/09 walrus
lockers move aside to reveal grotto (illus.) 04/23/09 al
You will sink to the bottom of the ocean and die 04/07/09 CrystalVision
Cotton’s House 12/07/07 Daddison
Looking for a fight/upset with Sophie 01/03/09 london_lad
Bottom of a pool 08/10/08 yama
There is Water at the Bottom of the Ocean 11/26/08 SabotageMost
EastEnders actress with a grudge 10/26/08 london_lad
A Car's Somersaults at the Bottom of the Eiffel Tower 10/15/08 FrenchBoy78
Otto at work 10/09/08 london_lad
Otto and Arthur 07/28/08 london_lad
glass-bottomed airplane (illus.) and anti-abortion lectures 07/17/08 al
antique desk (illus.) and I become a flying ottoman 05/20/08 al
school bus at the the bottom of the lake 03/26/96 kim0nster
Otto barking 03/21/08 london_lad
jagged grotto (illus.) 03/15/08 al
bizarre to the max. 11/15/07 sarahxx
Extra bottom tooth 11/12/07 Jagfire
Lotto check in classics class 11/08/07 Tbelle
Tsunami With Forgotton Warning 09/18/07 melsa82786
lucid for a second 08/20/07 sarahxx
stealin' @ shoprite, mom, haunted house 08/16/07 sarahxx
In my pyjama bottoms 08/02/07 paleenchantress
Otto and his new friend 07/06/07 london_lad
Otto on the plateau 07/05/07 london_lad
Moving in to live at work? 02/15/07 london_lad
Bottomless Pit (illus) 01/25/07 melanie
Otto meets a new friend 01/29/07 london_lad
Sophie and Otto 01/10/07 london_lad
the washing machine and the bottomless pit 12/09/06 juni321
why couldn't I smoke a cigg on the school bus? 12/24/06 sarahxx
The skip remark 12/08/06 london_lad
Awards, Friends and Cotton 11/10/06 VelmaJ4CzJ
(LUCID DREAM CONTINUED) part 4: the bottomless pit 08/22/06 juni321
Pets past and present 09/29/06 london_lad
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