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Dream Date User
At The Mall With Michael Jackson 09/15/17 magicsparkles
Denominator 06/11/17 sosa
PLAY 2.0 06/10/17 LucidDreamer777
Toby's Weird Tests 05/08/17 jwoo75
pervert relative says he's a refugee, then sends me porn 04/04/17 LeylaTheGreat
So High 03/24/17 LucidDreamer777
Meeting my Doppelganger & a Tsunami Hits 02/03/17 CloseYourEyes
INDIA IN BERLIN 02/13/17 fridaygraveyard
My Poor Dog & Dancing with my Brother's Girlfriend 01/18/17 CloseYourEyes
wtf youtube. 12/22/16 ooCarmaleneoo
sitting on ex boyfriends friends lap 11/25/16 NemoTuffy
The Music Shop 11/03/16 SparklyPlatypus
Gaga-ology 08/31/16 LucidDreamer777
LARPing and submission 09/02/16 LadyGryrr
WTF/Fudge/Anna's injury 07/22/16 lilyofthemist
Eerie with a side of wtf?! 06/30/16 theapothecary22
Classed as a sex offender Because of balloons! 05/31/16 madcat444
In Love with Trump?! 04/01/16 LonLonRancher
Weird crazy vivid dream induced by antibiotics 09/28/15 madcat444
Dusty Bible 03/27/16 JPB
A Marriage Proposal by Jake Gyllenhaal.. WTF 02/22/16 WilliamDreams
stalked by mr. meeks. 01/27/16 faithin
my new roomates and killing an ancient turtle. 01/25/16 faithin
Going to UK to rent a car and *** in the store 12/30/15 Anonymous
Finishing School and Boss Battles 12/03/15 therararabbit
A WTF Moment 10/23/15 HypnotikHeather
10/25/15 10/25/15 sosa
Having feet washed by cute christ like girl 10/22/15 integralunarlion
Another Conglomerate 09/20/15 Specter
Fixing up to see cute boys, nelson/bj kills squirrel 09/09/15 Leyla
Dream or OBE? 07/22/15 LewisG01
Attitude Problem 05/14/15 Specter
Resort town and alternate dimension visitors 03/28/15 hG
Mermaids Racism Basketball and WTF Happened to my house??? 03/08/15 serenitylx
Need for Speed type dreams 02/20/15 phigher369
Franko takes out his dick, Kyana coconut, clubbing sheree 02/08/15 LeylaTheGreat
Grizzly, Old book smell 01/27/15 Pegasus
Whale in the backyard 06/24/14 hG
Lucid 01/20/15 solmalron
My Dream Tonight! 01/03/15 Phooey420
Supermarket 10/09/14 webdiva
Basketball/decoration/zelda/andy griffith 07/02/14 Ataraxia
Interview in France? 06/08/14 diggitydoggz
Dumb Chaos 06/01/14 brendanreape88
Apparition 05/11/14 LilyMaid7
Sammy Goblin? 05/09/14 LilyMaid7
the serial killer, the flea market 02/23/14 shinyflygonite
Disappointment, also wtf is Daiki doing in my dreams 04/14/14 Ciaralische
1st dreams 04/14/14 Ciaralische
Do you like Brian Cox? 04/13/14 therararabbit
Disturbing Reoccuring 04/02/14 miamine
Home Visit and Drunken Behavior 03/19/14 Specter
There Is No Moonlight Without Her 03/12/14 Specter
Sister and The Four Beings 03/14/14 SMorir
Digimon WTF Dream 02/03/14 alisonmanic
Tape Tree 02/21/14 brendanreape88
The Twelfth Doctor and A Day Out On The Town 01/17/14 Specter
Lunch 01/28/14 brendanreape88
Amusement park 01/05/14 Tommy2016
Hidden City 11/28/13 jbondhus
Saving Lives and Life with Maggie 10/13/13 prostman
Little Dreams 09/23/13 london_lad
Twin Peaks II 04/07/13 cosmosis
City of Gold 09/23/13 ct
Andre 09/19/13 brendanreape88
Time and Space To A Place 09/14/13 Specter
"Of using the darkness to one's advantage!" 08/24/13 HelloPachirisu
Horrible Doctor Who Adventure! 11/10/07 Specter
I am invincible 08/05/13 DivineGuardian
Meu primeiro sonho lúcido de verdade, hehe 07/16/13 Piras
Old Dream Archives 2 07/21/12 RemlitQueen
Primeira tentativa do método de Tholey 07/03/13 Piras
Dream Bounty (update) 06/24/13 NervousRhino
Warehouse 13 Weirdness 05/21/13 Specter
Bowie 05/12/13 brendanreape88
Fast Cash, Florida, and Guidance! 04/30/13 Specter
Motherfucking Jorge... 03/24/13 tatianapaulino
parking lot thieves/sex with the thieves 03/21/13 HeyItsJepedo
feb 5 2013 Beach, issues with GF, Bud, fishing 02/05/13 LENABEARR
1-29-2013 Zombie babies..wtf 01/29/13 LENABEARR
1/24/2013 Giant rock island, weird cat dream.. 01/24/13 LENABEARR
Dec 5- stayed the night at Rachel's 12/05/12 LENABEARR
The Pilot's Keys; That's NOT MY JOB 02/25/13 DarkSeaPsyche
Sixter's Face of Fear 02/25/13 diggitydoggz
Yasha and Ashura 01/09/13 Karina
what 01/04/13 Flashback
Giant leaf, burkha and a gas mask. 12/22/12 rainpurple27
Opportunity to Use Soap! 12/10/12 DarkSeaPsyche
129 12/08/12 duckey626
She Definately Was Surprised 12/02/12 Specter
Wtf? 11/19/12 novlau
Emma Watson? lol 11/17/12 gl0cklesnar
Walking Dead 11/09/12 Specter
wtf? 10/26/12 eresos
One of the most terrifying dreams ive had in a while. 10/26/12 mfknly
Nuclear Blast 10/16/12 Specter
Ex's, spiders, hospitals, and hot dogs. 09/26/12 hopelesschaos
Loving the Impossible... 09/25/12 Kris2014
O culto na rua Salvador Dalí 09/14/12 thamj
friday morning 8-29 08/29/12 LENABEARR
4-22-12 back in naples italy mission is to find some one hmm 08/30/12 bluestars9380
WTF Band 10/15/08 AnonymousDreams
2 miniLD 08/10/12 eleggua
Journal update: 5/14 through 8/9/12 08/09/12 TheMessenger
A Mix of Randomness 08/09/12 Cryptechnical
RE Badassossity 07/13/12 zrikolsen
Trapped in False Awakenings 07/08/12 Karina
two dreams in one night. 09/29/10 SMorir
jean coutu stole my melatonin 06/14/12 Flashback
evil hobo 06/12/12 Flashback
WTF 06/08/12 Flashback
Covert Mission 05/25/12 fbacj624
...wtf 04/19/12 skit
Old Occurances 04/05/12 n01
Pathetic Gift Bed 03/21/12 SylvanFae
The Caprica Deal 02/25/12 Specter
About Bloody Time 02/10/12 Specter
Damn White Tiles 02/07/12 leen09
Sky-Tram / Weird TV Show / Broken Hot Tub 02/06/12 stakkr303
A rather strange dream.. 01/26/12 ArikuYamasuli
Stolen Ring 01/23/12 missallsunday
Impromtu Auditioning [or aka WTF!] 11/26/11 Jekter
Dad's Coins 12/06/11 alexg527
weird lameness 12/06/11 shaniceisawesome
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