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Dream Date User
Shark Paradise 07/19/17 LucidDreamer777
Searching Aether 07/01/17 LucidDreamer777
astral attack from 'a' afterbirth, kevin lawrence 07/05/17 LeylaTheGreat
astral ants, whacks at feet, running from famil, judy 06/21/17 LeylaTheGreat
brad astral attack thwarted by grounding 06/10/17 LeylaTheGreat
secret society meetup, prince william, murder, placenta 10/19/15 LeylaTheGreat
marta, cat, tree swing reading, astral attack, head 06/08/17 LeylaTheGreat
astral attack dan 03/03/16 LeylaTheGreat
brad in my closet, thinks I don't want to hear from him 05/29/17 LeylaTheGreat
tatu video then epidural astral attack kelly 04/29/17 LeylaTheGreat
OBE- Was it shared? 04/04/17 Pietko
It started like regular OBE 10/28/16 Pietko
Accident 06/23/16 Pietko
Astral plane 04/01/16 Pietko
From dream to astral 07/08/15 Pietko
Serial Out of Body Experiences 07/02/15 Pietko
The pull 06/25/15 Pietko
OBE 05/26/15 Pietko
Astral Projection Ladder Fetch 03/16/17 zurastar
17.04.09 - The dead and the Queer 04/09/17 hashtagCANDO
Astral attacks from jealous young guy (tyler cassidy?) 04/06/17 LeylaTheGreat
astral attack, jennifer, haunted house, scary old lady 04/04/17 LeylaTheGreat
jennifer! pervert! 04/04/17 LeylaTheGreat
Another jamie hendon/tyger/tristan 'love bomb' astral attack 04/04/17 LeylaTheGreat
Untethered 01/18/16 bacchanale
God Gives Me a Lollipop 05/11/16 bacchanale
The World Will End in Six Years 05/29/16 bacchanale
The Blue Towel 07/07/16 bacchanale
San Diego Astral Projection 07/27/16 bacchanale
Windmill Flight 05/09/16 bacchanale
Jack Ruth 04/22/16 bacchanale
Downward Motion 03/15/17 bacchanale
jamie hendon astral attack 03/05/17 LeylaTheGreat
Avoiding animals, laying in graveyard 02/11/17 LeylaTheGreat
Dragon Fight & Fire Temple 01/06/17 misotanni
Emma gene in the astral, various assorted 12/05/15 LeylaTheGreat
screaming like a wraith @ jennifer, assorted 12/04/15 LeylaTheGreat
pua aaron shooting spree on a schoolbus. Wont sign will. 12/12/16 LeylaTheGreat
man rave dancing in courtyard, two kittens 12/04/16 LeylaTheGreat
chased, purse shopping, catholic girl molester parents, doll 12/02/16 LeylaTheGreat
Astral Projection Shia Labeouf and Wendigo Games 11/17/16 zurastar
Evolution and Trousers 10/21/16 therararabbit
My answer 06/17/16 LadyGryrr
Spontaneous OBE 07/07/16 mouse
Astral Projection Within A Dream 02/02/16 karateb22
Sean appears 01/12/16 RadicalRyan
Fight In Huge Building And Meeting Celebs 12/10/15 Specter
Venomous Snake Run 11/26/15 BlueOpossum
Trains And Teleportation 09/21/15 Specter
Astral Travel to the White World 09/06/15 RemlitQueen
Dirt bar guys in the astral 09/03/15 LeylaTheGreat
astral attack, spider 08/20/15 LeylaTheGreat
Dan tried to rape me. Going to marry Dan. Astral Spinning. 08/14/15 LeylaTheGreat
Possible Astral Projection/Detective Dream 07/26/15 karateb22
Astral attack from tristan 07/21/15 LeylaTheGreat
"You see that Cycad Palm" 07/20/15 BlueOpossum
I astrally attacked dan with sex magick 07/19/15 LeylaTheGreat
Brad, astral attack 07/13/15 LeylaTheGreat
astral attack, Doves parents, candy bars, DNA test DJ 07/11/15 LeylaTheGreat
Sending text to the wrong man, Brad and Dan 06/20/15 LeylaTheGreat
Attacking Gary Marks, Black girl visit, leaking roof 06/15/15 LeylaTheGreat
Lucid Dreaming And a Fuchsbau 06/02/15 Specter
Neg attack, candases monkey baby high chairs, serbs 05/27/15 LeylaTheGreat
Astral experience with dan, Marta , my ring, chicken biscuit 05/23/15 LeylaTheGreat
Astral experience with dan, Marta , my ring, chicken biscuit 05/23/15 LeylaTheGreat
astral attacks and poisonous potatoes 05/20/15 LeylaTheGreat
Elderly couple on TV show 05/03/15 LeylaTheGreat
Black baby, Angela and portable AC, Dan 05/02/15 LeylaTheGreat
regressing to the conservative religion I was raised in 05/01/15 al
two astrals attack from dan 04/21/15 LeylaTheGreat
Going back and forth to (Dan's?) house, swimming pool, cat 04/13/15 LeylaTheGreat
Work/Carnival Worker/Bus Ride With Girl/At House With Woman 03/08/15 karateb22
Dan howell & jennifer in NY, stealing an education, anthony 02/19/15 LeylaTheGreat
My dead friend 02/02/15 Tabbyland
Two astral attacks! Ashley and maybe jennifer 01/26/15 LeylaTheGreat
shoot out kills birds, Gerard Kissed Me!!! 01/07/15 LeylaTheGreat
Gerard Penis spell, Lynz noticed, Anthony Pinata attack 12/31/14 LeylaTheGreat
Home Again 12/30/14 Toolbearer
Messed Up Eyesight And Game of Thrones 12/27/14 Specter
Dragonstone, Durant and Danger 12/18/14 Specter
Lisas dream journal 1997 to 2005 (Excerpts) 12/14/14 Sevenhawks
Cheryl called and said I was torturing Joe 12/14/14 LeylaTheGreat
The Dream Guy Dreams (Precogmitive/Accurate) 12/14/14 Sevenhawks
Laughed at a PUA in Kroger and he ran away 12/11/14 LeylaTheGreat
Vibrating talebone, Kundalini awakened but yet not risen. 12/03/14 LeylaTheGreat
Part Two - For Oldtimer 11/30/14 Whimsical
water balloon map, kroger gifts, Tommy's lap, awilda attack 11/27/14 LeylaTheGreat
"You Are Mine!" 11/27/14 Specter
"I Have To Ask You A Question" 11/21/14 Specter
Early Dreams... pre 2005 12/07/97 TheMessenger
Teeth falling out - with a twist 09/22/14 Alderica
fish and sex 09/15/14 Skyanne
Rough Draft, Part #5, (Things I Know About Dreams) 09/15/14 Toolbearer
I don't even know what to call this. 08/26/14 SisterDino
Rap Has Been Taken Falsel 07/16/14 Specter
The Old Man And The Dark 07/06/14 Specter
Clarity Now 07/04/14 S3TH
Yoga caused me to have nightterror and wake up from shouting 05/10/14 RadicalRyan
Doctor And Phasing 04/29/14 Specter
the game banditos 04/11/14 ghostreborn2004
Fun With Friends/Unexpected Astral Sex 03/10/14 Stacey
Strange Interaction/Possible Astral Experience 11/04/13 karateb22
The Initiate 10/17/13 Sevenhawks
Lucid Time Travelling 07/11/13 InnerEffect
Mugwort 3x Multiplier And The Red Pony 08/09/13 Specter
OBE dream…dream location, though 07/10/13 al
Being eaten Alive 05/24/13 wonderingfox
Metatron, Sam The Cat, and The Winchesters 05/16/13 Specter
Astral Lady across block, and long long day off ramblings 05/15/13 RadicalRyan
My Old High School 04/11/13 Stacey
Of Snakes and Sex 04/02/13 TheMessenger
Insidious Clowns 02/04/13 CNGB
Police Missions With Tracey 01/31/13 Stacey
Japes and Feelings 01/22/13 Specter
Rumpel and The Strange Ripple 01/21/13 Specter
Traveling 01/05/13 PancaSyah
Bike Rides, Arrests, and Hearings in Denver 12/13/12 Stacey
My vision of future advanced science and technology 12/05/12 Dipak
My diary of divine dreams and Jibankrishna- vision of future 10/03/93 Dipak
666 Park Avenue Trip and Weird Crap 11/17/12 Specter
Flash- Airplane 08/09/12 LilDrmr
Caught Having Sex With Ken 11/02/12 Stacey
The Scary Trip 10/25/12 mugger15
Dark Yards and Scary Bedrooms 10/19/12 Specter
Ken, You're My Dream Sign! 10/18/12 Stacey
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