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Dream Date User
Water from a Vacuum Cleaner 04/22/16 BlueOpossum
Mother Sweeping in Kitchen, Another Bathroom Waking Prompt 08/13/17 BlueOpossum
The Shoes, the Cat, and the Penis 08/06/17 Lazellia
Weird beings 07/18/17 firefly734
Ravaging Feast I 07/17/17 DeathFromWithin
Peeing 07/17/17 foddforlorare
Zombies again??? 07/15/17 Pietko
Sorting Through a Lot of Junk (with John Larroquette) 07/14/17 BlueOpossum
Cleaning from the Roof 12/26/97 BlueOpossum
Wheel of Death 06/17/17 DuffyJ1111
Stephen on My Mind 06/16/17 Anona
The new manager 06/10/17 hood12
Snake cage cleaning and hand bites 06/06/17 ooCarmaleneoo
How Unhygienic 05/17/17 LucidDreamer777
had fruit in my vagina, changed mind about guy 03/07/16 LeylaTheGreat
Throwing away comic books 07/21/16 MattiasJ
Friendly Family and Cleaning 05/12/17 WilliamDreams
Back at SAIC, kind of 05/09/17 jwoo75
Cleaning 12/04/14 Pietko
Street Curb Events 04/29/17 BlueOpossum
Where is everyone?/Coffee Run 04/18/17 sugarhigh200
Inside an old hotel 04/12/17 haux
London II 04/13/17 foddforlorare
Toilet Seat 04/12/17 london_lad
A cult in eerie jungle vault 04/11/17 PearlDiver
Flood 04/08/17 9spaceking
Crowley on a Bus 04/02/17 BlueOpossum
In Which School is Very Weird 03/28/17 RaRo
moods and more moods 03/26/17 ImmortalDreams
Spring Cleaning Rearranging 03/25/17 iamlucid295
Taking His Books 03/20/17 hawtbrunettebabe
Following whoopi -Trying to be a sport. 03/14/17 ImmortalDreams
Elevator Splash 01/07/95 BlueOpossum
Hundreds of Small Statues and Haunted Decanters 02/24/17 BlueOpossum
A Lot of Balls in the Front Yard 02/14/17 BlueOpossum
Another Huge House 02/13/17 BlueOpossum
Divorce (Continued) 02/10/17 Torgy0401
Flood Muck 01/12/17 zurastar
My cookies are ruined; the roller coaster isn't open 01/09/17 haux
P 01/09/17 ooCarmaleneoo
blocked frwy, trip to israel, hotel is a jail, jon on phone 01/09/17 LeylaTheGreat
Portal Integration Camp 10/07/16 misotanni
Not Really House Cleaning, but Raking the Hallway? 04/04/70 BlueOpossum
Attempted thief waiting for me to leave bags while I got car 01/03/17 LeylaTheGreat
Friends or Foe's neighborhood talk 01/01/17 ImmortalDreams
catching fish with chassie and kyle, hoa management legal 12/02/16 LeylaTheGreat
Plane Crash 11/27/16 hawtbrunettebabe
Moving from Cubitis with Zsuzsanna 01/22/96 BlueOpossum
Library Visits and Odd Reality Show 11/07/16 BlueOpossum
Meeting up with friends n foes -whoopie 11/05/16 ImmortalDreams
The three tornadoes strikes again 10/31/16 ImmortalDreams
The Water Project 10/24/16 BlueOpossum
Carribean Convertible / Chaos in the "Forest" & The Hotel 10/18/16 stakkr303
Trying to Catch a Green Snake in an Orange Soda Bottle 10/16/16 BlueOpossum
Which Bridges? 02/12/71 BlueOpossum
The Sink 10/12/16 london_lad
At a Mobile Home 10/09/16 WilliamDreams
Old times & new times & Harry Potter spell 09/30/16 ImmortalDreams
Mingling with shady chacters from stars kiss etc yada stuff 09/28/16 ImmortalDreams
Mingling with shady chacters from stars kiss etc yada stuff 09/28/16 ImmortalDreams
Of Dream Signs and Books in the Rain 12/09/97 BlueOpossum
Trip around the old block 09/18/16 ImmortalDreams
Science Fiction Novels and a Visit from the Jordanaires 09/13/16 BlueOpossum
“Stolen” Friend on Walton’s Mountain 09/10/16 BlueOpossum
Special Projects, Swimming, And Not Quite Disney 09/07/16 Kailin
Mirror Me 09/28/14 BlueOpossum
Crazy Fight 09/01/16 9spaceking
Cleaning, Garden Steps in Carport, and a Lot of Cats 09/01/16 BlueOpossum
Girlfriend doing housework, me drinking beer 08/29/16 MattiasJ
Pretty neighborhood; I can't find my car 08/26/16 haux
Bad weather outside; urinal sinks 08/21/16 haux
Ant Snacks and Continuous Setting Changes 08/18/16 BlueOpossum
Missed text 'leads to the beach colors' 08/15/16 ImmortalDreams
Chinese guy wants to murder me 07/01/16 MattiasJ
Cleaning a Cake Pan 08/14/16 BlueOpossum
Psychiatric help, Wallet mix up and Organ Bags 08/09/16 therararabbit
Tornadoes tornadoes go away ... 08/08/16 ImmortalDreams
Unlikely Gifts 02/05/97 BlueOpossum
Cleaning Out an Electronic Keyboard Again 08/02/16 BlueOpossum
Boyfriend vs reality 07/29/16 ImmortalDreams
Rich, Bookstore, Hillary 07/29/16 Anona
Feeling like I don't belong 07/24/16 ImmortalDreams
Bug in My Electronic Keyboard 07/24/16 BlueOpossum
Tech Fair; Music Movie 12/09/11 Ichi2Tah
Irresponsible Jon Arbuckle; Softcore Porn 11/30/11 Ichi2Tah
New Brunswick House 07/07/16 Kateshka
True Speed 07/06/16 9spaceking
Running from Wild Animals 03/15/16 Genie
On The Road 06/30/16 EmpressDiarist
A caning and finding pieces of 'jewels' 06/25/16 ImmortalDreams
A caning and finding pieces of 'jewels' 06/25/16 ImmortalDreams
A caning and finding pieces of 'jewels' 06/25/16 ImmortalDreams
Vacuuming “Everything” 02/26/97 BlueOpossum
Round and Round with Aladdin 06/12/16 ImmortalDreams
Lucidity is elusive /Trying to control gravity 06/05/16 ImmortalDreams
Work and 2 Vehicles 05/31/16 ooCarmaleneoo
Do the Rat thing 05/21/16 ImmortalDreams
Bellhop Spider Monkeys and Jar of Venomous Spiders 06/06/13 BlueOpossum
Pond Treasure 05/18/16 BlueOpossum
cleaning up the neighborhood 05/15/16 ImmortalDreams
Party among family n Friends _Slow motion 05/13/16 ImmortalDreams
Gorilla Butler 05/25/74 BlueOpossum
Trimming 05/07/16 BlueOpossum
A incubation dream -with vivid outcomes 05/06/16 ImmortalDreams
Spiraling out of control, Rich, Warehouse, Teaching 05/05/16 Anona
may 3rd & may 4th: pink freckles and six-legged cats 05/04/16 pigeonfolk
Dreaming of another possible 'outcome' 05/04/16 ImmortalDreams
Trying to avoid the Pervs 04/30/16 ImmortalDreams
2 In 1 04/12/16 Greeneyedninja
Mom's passing on 04/24/16 ImmortalDreams
School of Magic 04/17/16 Sav
Best keep thoughts to yourself. 04/16/16 ImmortalDreams
Lucid in the apartment but too afraid to jump from the 15th 04/15/16 RadicalRyan
Kitty Needed More Room To Exercise 04/13/16 LonLonRancher
Alive or Dead ? 04/04/16 ImmortalDreams
Rustic meeting conditions 03/26/16 ImmortalDreams
Plastic Surgery 03/20/16 america97
Gem Factory 03/20/16 BlueOpossum
Party of odd behavior 03/08/16 ImmortalDreams
Demon of Justice 02/28/16 DuckLife
supernatural or ghosts of mom dad 02/22/16 ImmortalDreams
Taking shots of the dead 02/20/16 ImmortalDreams
16.02.20. - DAY: invoice, Daddy Gordon, viral dog-cat video 02/20/16 hashtagCANDO
Making Unusual Movies 02/10/16 BlueOpossum
Big Hook 02/08/16 BlueOpossum
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