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Dream Date User
Debt to the Pond 08/25/13 independentwaste
Rat Arsed 06/17/17 london_lad
The Thin, Red Thread: Part II 02/28/15 icemadrox
moved & broke fish tank, awilda, angie, three hispanic girls 06/11/17 LeylaTheGreat
Taiji 06/08/17 Person1
Fuzzy Jumping Spiders 05/05/17 zurastar
Amalgamate of Thoughts 06/03/17 LucidDreamer777
Prison party 06/03/17 PearlDiver
War on Food 07/17/14 independentwaste
Water From the Wall (into Mixer or Humidifier)? 05/28/17 BlueOpossum
Meandering; Six-Pack of Bottles, Driving Through Store 05/10/17 BlueOpossum
Vibrator 05/10/17 foddforlorare
Spa. 04/23/17 BreStud
Fish with tits 05/06/17 therararabbit
Kidnapped and mysterious stranger (long entry) 08/03/15 LatestInsomniac
Lilac Sky, Polka blues, And leaving home 04/25/17 therararabbit
Part Two – Sliding into Fortune 04/27/17 fishyangels
Soda testing on an inverted ride 04/26/17 haux
“Glass of Water” References and Meanings 04/20/17 BlueOpossum
IRL meet turns into a tickling experience 04/20/17 Daedalus
Vampire training school (added pics) 04/06/17 Daedalus
APRIL TOTM 04/09/17 therararabbit
In a bar 04/11/17 haux
Beer And Cats 04/12/17 Kailin
Little Girl Needs To Potty/Divorce/Dani & Laurel 04/09/17 Torgy0401
Pie for the Winchesters 03/06/17 zurastar
And suddenly, fire. 04/07/17 LikelyTemporary
Bacon Soda 03/26/17 SabotageMost
Airship crash and butchering gig 03/25/17 PearlDiver
The Extraterrestrial Shape-Shifting Worm 03/22/17 BlueOpossum
Irish Dancing & Drinking 03/19/17 Marx
Interpol, 4/17 03/19/17 iamthatwheat
PORCH Dream Segments INDEX (1) 01/01/50 BlueOpossum
House Arrest 03/14/17 lilyofthemist
Spirit Tricks 03/04/17 london_lad
Dreaming of a Nice Rental Home 02/28/17 WilliamDreams
Retired Wrestlers 02/27/17 Person1
Sick Day 02/23/17 london_lad
Parking in the sky next to my apartment 02/13/17 haux
Divorce (Continued) 02/10/17 Torgy0401
THE COVEN 02/09/17 fridaygraveyard
[2/2] Lucid Popcorn Machine 02/07/17 misotanni
Dry soap gets lather in my hair 02/06/17 haux
brad dropping me off to see cherry sidney at a highrise 02/05/17 LeylaTheGreat
Pet Shop Boys 02/05/17 london_lad
FOUR SHORT DREAMS OF A DRUNKEN NIGHT 02/04/17 fridaygraveyard
Defunct Shower and Naked Outside 02/03/17 g1nny
A Mug Of Cocoa 02/02/17 london_lad
Laptop 01/27/17 london_lad
Rocky beach and B&B 01/27/17 PearlDiver
Partying and Paco 01/24/17 therararabbit
The Fresh Prince 05/07/14 independentwaste
Sorting Through a Stranger’s Junk, Ax Me No Questions 01/16/17 BlueOpossum
Crystals 01/17/17 BlueOpossum
Unusual flight delays and general weirdness 01/16/17 junkiecosmonaut
All Their Stuff 01/14/17 SabotageMost
Coffee shop with my co-workers 01/13/17 haux
The Home; the Shop; the Airport 01/09/17 9spaceking
Work hard, play hard 11/17/16 PearlDiver
Archimedes's Ice 12/27/16 Sephi
Floating House -whoopi's cracked gift 12/30/16 ImmortalDreams
Cher Tate 12/18/16 shells
Father Drinks Insecticide 12/18/16 BlueOpossum
screaming like a wraith @ jennifer, assorted 12/04/15 LeylaTheGreat
Two Bars 12/12/16 london_lad
Awake And At Work 12/09/16 london_lad
Raining Inside 05/19/14 independentwaste
Faked Death and Holiday Hell 12/02/16 therararabbit
music that dose not esist 11/29/16 madcat444
music that dose not esist 11/29/16 madcat444
music that dose not esist 11/29/16 madcat444
Marley and Friends 11/27/16 webdiva
Mysterious Woman, Old Man of the Woods, Children of Stone 11/05/16 kyleknapp
Day in the Woods; Writing Down My Dreams 11/18/16 independentwaste
To the Sun 11/16/16 9spaceking
Paramilitary Koala Bodyguard 06/05/96 BlueOpossum
Early For Work 11/14/16 london_lad
An Unlikely Act of Throwing a Can into a River 11/12/16 BlueOpossum
Dream Doc- #1 04/16/16 SaraTheFox
The Actress and The Cup 10/31/16 9spaceking
AA League 06/06/14 independentwaste
Concocting A Drink 10/18/16 london_lad
Jealously and Loneliness 10/25/16 therararabbit
School Dorms, Bathroom Fun and Graduation 10/19/16 therararabbit
A new face 10/18/16 xLeyy
Juice Joke 09/26/16 zurastar
Trying to Catch a Green Snake in an Orange Soda Bottle 10/16/16 BlueOpossum
Mingling with shady chacters from stars kiss etc yada stuff 09/28/16 ImmortalDreams
Mingling with shady chacters from stars kiss etc yada stuff 09/28/16 ImmortalDreams
School School 07/05/14 independentwaste
Party at Kevin's 07/25/16 IceQueen
The press room and gym 09/15/16 haux
We'll make great pets 07/16/14 independentwaste
Landlord 09/05/16 therararabbit
A Lucid Feeling vs A Guilty feeling 09/05/16 ImmortalDreams
Pizza Cat; Mannequins and Painting 09/01/16 independentwaste
Attic, Building, and Marshmallow Gunk 08/29/16 zurastar
Girlfriend doing housework, me drinking beer 08/29/16 MattiasJ
Gin & Juice 07/29/14 independentwaste
Making a scene 'tonic' 08/26/16 ImmortalDreams
The end of July 07/31/14 independentwaste
Train of Thought 08/22/16 Toolbearer
Pac Man CD Player; Bone Machine head; Pond&Soap 08/14/16 independentwaste
Spiked Drink & Japanese Side Street / No Pants in Class 08/06/16 stakkr303
WHAT IS GOING ON??? 07/26/16 lilyofthemist
"Talking 'bout the brain" and "Faces of suns behind our back 10/23/14 independentwaste
Old Fuddy Duddy 11/13/14 independentwaste
Nightclub 07/20/16 london_lad
Late for Work; 'Faced' Meat 07/19/16 independentwaste
Divine dreams and my journey to enlightment 07/17/16 Dipak
Viva Discordia 12/10/14 independentwaste
Committee 07/09/16 london_lad
Little Spot to Smoke 04/14/15 independentwaste
Leonard’s Lemonade, Candles, and Dynamite 06/29/16 BlueOpossum
Actor; Breaking Character 04/15/15 independentwaste
Not Graduating 06/20/16 independentwaste
WC Center 12/18/15 independentwaste
Hung Over Bridges falling down..a unwanted visitor 06/19/16 ImmortalDreams
Unusual Drinks at the Post Office 06/19/16 BlueOpossum
Ghosts of Somner St 06/18/16 independentwaste
Passive Kidnapping Near Ocean 08/28/73 BlueOpossum
Through the Beach and Onward to Cocaine 01/09/16 independentwaste
"Gimme the Red"; Band Sucks; Beer Train; Concentration Moon 02/06/16 independentwaste
Coin Filtering; Alcoholic Milk 03/26/16 independentwaste
Driving to East Brunswick, fun with guy friend @ doctor's 05/24/16 sabinascale
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