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Dream Date User
Irish Dancing & Drinking 03/19/17 Marx
Ex on a sofa 03/18/17 Marx
Feelless Hands 11/13/16 Stray
Ridiculous Jurassic Park Plot 09/22/16 magicsparkles
Singing Basso in High School; Apartment Party 11/12/11 Ichi2Tah
Burn 01/29/16 9spaceking
Tsu and GTA6 12/02/15 therararabbit
Rube Goldberg and Parties 09/08/15 Azazel
Camping and Cheated 06/15/14 RemlitQueen
0?0514 05/07/14 chijitsu
The Last of Us, and GTA V, Dinosaurs, Lions. 04/11/14 DemonTiger
Fire-Bellied Toads 11/22/08 extremesports
Raw Clam Bellied Brown Underwear Visions & Deal 4 Used Car 10/14/12 forevergrowing
The Sambrook 12/23/11 Moogiekupo
Degrassi Discomfort 05/10/11 Dixen51
Minecraft and Aliens 03/21/11 HaldirAragorn
Dani's Baby 04/15/11 Iggythecat
Is this a crush? 10/20/10 maryc09
WTF 09/26/10 DragonGirl404
Castles and Psycho Killers 09/21/10 HaldirAragorn
Toronto DnD Comic Con Apartment complex adventure 08/14/10 WildHeart
Bus Trail 08/06/10 HeadByro
Driving around with Morgan 08/03/10 Colin
Crazy Driver 06/12/10 kimbimberlee
Gym class and plays 01/06/09 Rosettastorm
Lilttle girl and a group of people at my house 04/21/10 AngelKJ
Jelly Bellies 08/14/09 equisetum
School During Vacation? 07/24/09 aliHP
Velociraptor Compund and Steve's House 07/17/09 jurassicsex
My Kush 07/12/09 sld86babe
Saving Ellie Lucius 06/23/09 dreamingsunbear
Blast from the past? 05/16/09 toona
Mostly about a theatre 04/23/09 toona
02/18/09 02/20/09 liveindreams
Shop full of cats 01/11/09 melasoneiros
Jurassic Park~ The Pit 01/07/20 JurassicPark190
I was adopted, and am called NELLIE TOLDEMORT! 09/03/08 KazzieLove
Turning point? 07/31/08 toona
New Classmate 07/19/08 princessmeh
Party In A Castle: The Return Of Lost Love 07/17/08 StarF68
I had a dream about this boy i like whatd oes my dream mean? 06/20/08 lilmizziloveyou
Summer's Gone 06/04/08 stillwater
The Price is Right 05/20/08 Ryukai
15/09/07 Notepad (lucid) 09/15/07 cloudhands
Where Dallas meets The High Chaparral. 02/21/08 Sampson
Mixing Scranton with PCOM 01/28/08 emac01
Dream consciousness 09/29/07 toona
09-19-07 09/19/07 Sleeplessnights
Dogs and Cars 08/27/07 Caff
Magical Toads? 08/07/07 Feisty
A Day with the Foxes 12/19/06 Gaya
The Maggot Kitty 06/17/07 Feisty
clues 01/08/07 HelloDali
My wife Ellie & Stephen King 01/05/07 mfw1023
The (un)Usual Dropping Dad Off To Work 01/03/07 dancer72
Another Rendevouse 11/20/06 DancingShamrock
Rendevouze 11/18/06 DancingShamrock
Hospital/school. 08/30/06 CombatHamster
Appearance: You're Here Again!? 08/20/06 StarF68
Fast Forward Eternity: Endless Hug 07/24/06 StarF68
The Visit: Trainwrecks And Promises 07/14/06 StarF68
I Don't Belong Here: The Escape 07/07/06 StarF68
All's Fair In Love And War: Frozen Hearts 07/06/06 StarF68
graduation 06/16/06 Mashmallow86
layover 06/16/06 Mashmallow86
shower 05/04/06 Mashmallow86
John kisses Ellie 04/06/06 stupidrose
steamy encounter! and a whale in the river?! 02/28/06 HeartofGlass
Hiding game. 01/19/05 playcrackthesky
Killer Nightmare 07/06/05 peacedragon4228
MM and "Ellie" 06/12/05 ennui
Stupid Dinosaur Land 03/17/05 ennui
2. temperature experiment at school 02/26/05 EllenAnn
Bad Pasta 07/31/04 thirtycats
New Scenes in Jurassic Park 01/04/05 monkeycancer
Mikey kissed me... hahaha 12/30/04 psychofreako
I got beat up by Red Head Boy! 12/20/04 psychofreako
Nana's House is a Castle 11/21/04 ArielleLee
Relatives, Ricky Martin, and Make-Up 11/18/04 ArielleLee
ellie's dinner parties; darr rants 10/25/04 dtdreams
Marrying a murder 10/08/04 Leehela
dum dee dum 08/31/04 nicolaih
oh no 08/31/04 nicolaih
tomorrow when the war began 07/28/04 plotzlich
random apperances 06/07/04 spongbobsqpts
Running from authority 05/02/04 kikaiyume
Olympic and the Stars 02/20/04 MisanthropTK
Happy III Birthday 01/29/04 MisanthropTK
Red bellied squirrel scramble 10/09/03 tuesday
Potbellied pigs & popsicles 08/02/03 tuesday
Two Weird Ones 04/05/03 hyperbolea
Christopher Lee and his Wu-Tang Vampire Minions 03/27/03 Buxton
On the beach in a house 03/07/03 CoconutJane
Roger Mellie as Executioner? 12/01/02 lusofiling
Little Ellie and Pink Floyd 03/03/02 FuCtUp
Ellie the Vampire Slayer 02/22/02 FuCtUp
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