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Dream Date User
Alien fish/dr.who 12/01/14 GoldenAshes
the cat,angry angel,calligraphy 11/22/14 GoldenAshes
smart phone and the legion 10/16/14 GoldenAshes
jogging with Molly 09/24/14 GoldenAshes
The guy with a sandpaper tongue. 09/15/14 GoldenAshes
Bingo and blue light/driving on snowy roads 08/03/14 GoldenAshes
If a tree falls in a cemetery./Bingo fragment 11/28/15 GoldenAshes
the matthew B. dream 11/22/15 GoldenAshes
logs and helicopters in the sky 04/01/17 GoldenAshes
The Poisoned Apple 05/26/14 Lunetta
The Forest, The Witch, The River (abandoned places too!) 05/09/14 pandream
Green Tree Snake 01/31/14 Zzzzz
Epic Hero Battle 11/01/13 Phenonymous
Wire World 08/27/13 fortheloveofodd
Beach 10/29/11 LessThanIntended
We Are The Legion 01/27/11 Lazellia
Evil Church Castle with Secret Passageways 09/01/97 sleepfist
Ship princess pageant 06/19/10 MollyMaguire
dr 05/14/10 knurton
God is Dead 01/18/10 DivineGuardian
mist (illus.)/"legions of demons" reference 08/29/09 al
Casinos & Mansions 07/04/09 angelicmobster8
The Drowning 03/22/09 QuiteLove
First 11/26/08 mjwitkowski
Monkees episode 07/18/98 technicolor
Be wary of ancient relics. 08/15/07 Sampson
The unrelenting centurion. 04/28/07 Sampson
Use the Force 02/04/04 todreamweaver
What a waste of $350,000! 10/09/05 vegalyrah
Winners 08/19/05 RichardJ
winter melting into spring 02/01/05 juni321
Fragments : Video Games And A Demonic Murder Mystery 10/13/04 Vorago
The orc legion (yes it accually contunued!!) 03/31/04 GateHouseGuard
Vorago the Thief and the Legions of Demons 03/31/04 Vorago
the orc legion (this ones long but its worth reading) 03/30/04 GateHouseGuard
Elves? They don't exist here... whatever, it's a magic item. 07/29/03 Verse
Dreams of Johnathan 07/28/03 RaeAnn
Church and School 01/28/03 Squigenny
legion of the dead 01/26/03 bartosia
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