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Dream Date User
World of Dreamcraft 09/01/15 Mayze
Vinyl Vacation 07/30/15 Dreamingofgrapes
jennifer, moving to shared townhouse, mcr stickers 03/23/15 LeylaTheGreat
Broken condom, nails, lost wallet 02/11/15 LeylaTheGreat
candase, hotel, mcr, gun, floating blue fish 01/27/15 LeylaTheGreat
Church, spy death tree, Gerard Robot, perv jay, middletons 11/13/14 LeylaTheGreat
Another blood dream 11/09/13 Faerie
the lovely pastel town 07/14/12 jordymarinoff
My Chemical Romance Prank 03/12/11 NotHelmut
Smooshy-inspired MCR dream 04/18/07 Tsunade
Gerard Way sings "Careless Whisper". 12/06/05 JasElf
bands/the look 09/23/05 psychojello67
MCR and ALK3 concert 08/18/05 PaigeSaysBoo
22/04/04 and 24/04 disturbing dreams 04/24/04 AirmidAurora
Slow Down, Gerald McRaney! 08/28/96 tehuti
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