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Dream Date User
Giant Flying Mermaid 04/22/17 BlueOpossum
Fish Tank Crash! 04/24/17 9spaceking
Driving to my old apartment 04/22/17 haux
Little Miriam Drowns 04/23/17 Torgy0401
Horned birds 04/22/17 PearlDiver
Unusual Late Punishment 03/11/17 LucidDreamer777
Recipe for immortality 04/21/17 PearlDiver
Disillusionment 08/05/03 independentwaste
Experimenting with flammable metal 04/17/17 haux
Divine dreams and my journey to enlightment 02/02/75 Dipak
I Am A Mermaidm 04/19/17 w104mhk
Child Statues 03/14/17 zurastar
A plaque has my assignment 04/18/17 haux
Almost missed my date twice 04/10/17 Daedalus
Acidic Buildings 09/28/15 Jordskalv
Groundhog thermonuclear day. 02/10/17 Daedalus
'What Do You Do?' 02/01/16 tehuti
The Centrifuge and the Poker Game 04/10/17 BlueOpossum
Another Dimension 03/06/17 LucidDreamer777
The Same Marks 04/14/17 BlueOpossum
The Nice Buglars 04/13/17 Werewolven
The Dark House 12/15/16 rchris97
Elephant and monkey enrichment 04/11/17 haux
Forgetfulness 04/12/17 london_lad
Random Fragments XV 04/11/17 foddforlorare
The Argument 04/10/17 london_lad
Chasing a chimp 04/04/17 PearlDiver
Fragmented dreams of past and future simultaneously 04/08/17 Skyanne
Hiding in the river 04/06/17 Lemontea
Moved Hangers 03/04/17 zurastar
John Lennon’s Microwave 04/07/17 BlueOpossum
Development 04/06/17 9spaceking
Astral attacks from jealous young guy (tyler cassidy?) 04/06/17 LeylaTheGreat
Don Draper leaves 04/05/17 haux
Divine reams and my journey to enlightment 12/23/74 Dipak
Migraine 04/03/17 therararabbit
Fall and Survival 04/04/17 jakevader93
Pee 04/03/17 london_lad
Wrinkled Old Men Selling Smooth Paper 04/01/17 BlueOpossum
Missing Boat of Girls in 1924 04/03/17 BlueOpossum
Just Dancing Girls 01/30/17 LucidDreamer777
Mental Influence 01/28/17 LucidDreamer777
Meanwhile, In Some Alternate Reality... 11/05/14 tehuti
P XIII 03/30/17 foddforlorare
Driving in water, colleague's apartment 03/29/17 ElectricOdour
Basement workshop 03/26/17 PearlDiver
Random Fragments XIV 03/26/17 foddforlorare
The golden heart 03/22/17 Rustyrattlebones
Of Costumed People 03/23/17 LucidDreamer777
School Daze 09/14/13 tehuti
Corpse hiding 04/04/94 PearlDiver
Divine dreams and my journey to enlightment 11/07/74 Dipak
Hiding from Murderers in The Store 03/18/17 hawtbrunettebabe
Homeless Men 03/19/17 Torgy0401
A Moment with Meagan O'Connor 03/19/17 iamlucid295
PORCH Dream Segments INDEX (1) 01/01/50 BlueOpossum
Working as an Escort & Scratch Cards 02/10/17 CloseYourEyes
Guard Duty 03/11/17 SabotageMost
Random Fragments XIII 03/11/17 foddforlorare
Inside an Abdomen 03/10/17 BlueOpossum
Purple Dog Shirt 02/25/17 zurastar
Rescuing Shark or Girl 03/10/17 BlueOpossum
Not a Bridge 03/09/17 BlueOpossum
The Blank Slate Dream Character 03/08/17 BlueOpossum
Hitting bottom/Dream Guy and preperations for the future. 03/08/17 Sevenhawks
Re-acting A Murder 03/05/17 hawtbrunettebabe
Divine dreams and my journey to enlightment 11/01/74 Dipak
Trying to mend a broken 'wing' Nettling with hang-ups 03/04/17 ImmortalDreams
Lucid Movements Me or Mom ? Dad cycling to little people 03/03/17 ImmortalDreams
Tourney Arrangement 03/03/17 9spaceking
Random Fragments XII 02/27/17 foddforlorare
F1 commentary 02/26/17 haux
Anyshifter Coven 02/13/17 zurastar
ELEMENTS; Iron Defence 02/25/17 9spaceking
Odds Of Survival 02/24/17 Kailin
Notes dreams 1 02/23/17 madcat444
Men in my yard 02/23/17 haux
Jack Linkin in a department store 02/14/17 bluj40
P XII + fragment 02/20/17 foddforlorare
Water Flow, Unlikely Books, and Man at Window 02/19/17 BlueOpossum
The "Truth" and the Tournament 02/19/17 9spaceking
Vacation to Puerto Rico 02/18/17 haux
Family Tree 02/17/17 london_lad
Divine dreams and my journey to enlightment 11/01/74 Dipak
Highly Unlikely Apartment Building Law 02/18/17 BlueOpossum
Jamal comments on my weight; Zack eats ice cream 02/17/17 haux
Random Fragments X 02/17/17 foddforlorare
Fiery Escape 02/02/17 zurastar
IT Department Saving the World 02/15/17 gsxr1181
Mixed dreams, 1 scantily clad 02/14/17 Skyanne
Parking in the sky next to my apartment 02/13/17 haux
Another Huge House 02/13/17 BlueOpossum
Bloodsoaked 02/12/17 PearlDiver
Dream 81: Personal Development - "Be a Man" 02/12/17 Sakurama
in an apartment hotel with people from work 02/11/17 ElectricOdour
Argument with Professor about Quenya 02/09/17 misotanni
Fragments 02/08/17 vsimpson1066
Helicopter Ride into the Beautiful Mountains 02/08/17 BlueOpossum
Fragments 02/06/17 salamoon
Unusual game, atypical dream (and France blows up) 02/06/17 BlueOpossum
A cowboy boot and tennis shoe in the locker room 02/05/17 haux
Impression Unimpressive 08/09/16 LucidDreamer777
War slave and widower 02/04/17 PearlDiver
That 1 Moment 08/01/16 LucidDreamer777
Divine dreams and my journey to enlightment 10/16/74 Dipak
Ex boyfriend and being a flying princess 02/03/17 Skyanne
Cannabis assortment 02/01/17 g1nny
Universe Layers 02/01/17 SabotageMost
Feathered Seal 01/09/17 zurastar
Bunker Christmas 01/06/17 zurastar
Random Fragments IX 01/31/17 foddforlorare
Child labour 01/31/17 PearlDiver
Markiplier in Shock 12/31/16 zurastar
Bob's Burgers Plane Hijacking 01/28/17 independentwaste
Hospital RN job again, measuring dimensions of new apartment 01/28/17 junkiecosmonaut
Rocky beach and B&B 01/27/17 PearlDiver
String and Money and fragments 01/24/17 SabotageMost
Random Fragments VIII 01/23/17 foddforlorare
Normal vampire family (Alternating POV) 12/23/16 PearlDiver
The Haunted Chinese Snow Globe 01/22/17 BlueOpossum
Interdimensional travel 08/12/16 PearlDiver
The Basement Shows 05/05/14 independentwaste
Unconventional Contrails 01/21/17 BlueOpossum
Dilapidated Apartment / Shot in the Shoulder 01/20/17 stakkr303
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