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Dream Date User
Nun on the run 06/13/17 PearlDiver
India/Africa 06/02/17 hippydippy
Encased in Bubbles 05/18/17 LucidDreamer777
Twin Nuns on the Bus 03/17/17 BlueOpossum
Runaway bride 02/13/17 PearlDiver
Seamstress and cancer patients 12/26/16 PearlDiver
Crazy Chase 06/24/16 LucidDreamer777
I Just Want My Beloved To Be Happy 07/16/16 LucidDreamer777
Retreat of Blood 02/10/16 LucidDreamer777
The Bag Thief 09/13/16 LucidDreamer777
Sexy Class Casino 09/11/16 LucidDreamer777
Mindtraining, Verspätung, Petting, Verwandlung, Fumelei 09/12/16 Zhendao
Flug durch Rohr & Gespräch mit Conrad 09/01/16 Zhendao
Polizei, tote Einbrecherin, kaputte Türe 08/12/16 Freyaat
Another Charity 08/23/16 hippydippy
Your Undertale-ish Dream 03/30/16 LucidDreamer777
Horses galore 02/19/16 lindablueeyes2
Holy Remains and Bulletproof Gorilla Costume 01/08/15 BlueOpossum
In the persona of Jhon F. Z. Vetson 04/06/15 Person1
Kidnapping! Evil Nuns! And...Cable Woes? 08/09/13 tehuti
Devil's Disease 11/05/13 LittlexBluebird
Dreams that bleed into reality 12/09/14 thoth
A whole LOT of Catching up to do..discipline is hard 11/26/14 ImmortalDreams
Bus Trouble, Nuns, and Bats at Twilight 07/23/14 BitterOlives
Trapped in car getting buried 06/21/14 VickiV
Bikini and Box 06/12/14 illyria723
bus stop, orphanage, nun, another world 01/14/14 crystaltara
Hand to Cow Hoof and Back 11/12/93 BlueOpossum
Servant 10/09/13 Whimsical
Carousel 09/17/13 Saviyon
Nuns At The Seaside 08/10/13 london_lad
interesting, interesting 04/19/13 coldr3ality
Most Random Shit Ever 02/06/13 hG
At A Catholic School 12/03/11 AmongstTheRabble
Train/Arrested 02/17/13 illyria723
Hospital Hotel. 02/20/13 SquidLilly
Cosmic Conundrum, Trains Etranges 12/24/12 DarkSeaPsyche
Ich, Pilar und der Folterknecht, Tino 09/20/12 Christopher
The Orphanage and the Stolen Helicopter 11/10/06 michellemarie
SANTORINI 11/16/10 SMorir
Drops Of Light & Dream Room 06/12/12 BlueCloud
Something Religious And Messy 06/11/12 BlueCloud
Another Mystic Word 06/10/12 BlueCloud
Bakery Robbery 05/17/12 cooldch1
Grammy and Jim Henson 05/04/12 magicsparkles
nuns and children 02/27/12 decasia
Secoia Strawberry Tree 02/22/12 Blaine
Rafting Class Renunion 12/24/11 Ppiercedmusic
The Plymouth Inn in the Still of the Night 07/01/11 bacchanale
Where are my black pants? 11/26/11 fanniespice
a week of 33 dreams … all in one entry (oh well!) 09/23/11 al
Hippie Place and Tennis with hs friends - annunaki (NL) 07/26/11 edge0125
Lazarett in Wohnung 07/03/11 Freyaat
Inundation 05/29/11 KeL137
2 Scary Men 04/08/11 elswanstrom
Adopting a baby 03/15/11 TheAntiBarbie
Fishing for Oprah 01/29/11 mouse
Maribeth is Accused and Dad's Car is Rescued 11/26/08 Pwyrdan
Hidden Room/Mansion Under The Crawlspace 10/10/10 mschecky
Nun habit forming and broken pieces 09/05/10 ImmortalDreams
hypnosis 09/04/10 dorareever
My Sister's Haunted House / Dance Party!! 09/02/10 stakkr303
Church Scandal and Nascar 05/28/09 beccaleah23
The Bride's Arrival 02/09/93 BlueOpossum
a long drive 07/16/10 mkac92
Changes with a New baby 07/10/10 ImmortalDreams
job issues 06/20/10 Edie
Save Kasumi from Religious School 03/23/10 MonkeyMagdalen
Possessed by the self tanning lotion! 05/01/10 LordShamrock
terrapin 03/28/10 Yunting
Circus training and nuns 02/18/10 Sybelle
Arguing FOR Religion For Once 02/06/10 TheAntiBarbie
Nun, NHL 64, Dog 02/06/10 hG
I Live Somewhere Called Doors? 01/21/09 TheAntiBarbie
A list of past dreams.. to catch my journal up: 01/21/10 theSurrealist
Nun sensing evil 01/17/10 NotHelmut
Annoying a Nun 03/20/04 hG
The Gang 12/13/09 Ashleyxxpiano
Marz got older and was flirtin with Morgan's dad. 11/12/09 Lunarkin
Tsunami, Friends, Food, Nuns and a Silent Killer 10/27/09 Lyndarella
4 09/16/09 Leichenschrei
The magic peice of Jade (long) 11/02/08 Sekhmet17
Return to Germany 09/12/09 Leichenschrei
Nuns 11/30/08 angelicmobster8
inside of me part 2 05/30/09 dorareever
Massive Suicide 05/10/09 Apockalyptik
Car Wreck, terrible driver 04/18/09 mschecky
Nuns 04/08/09 audiopineapple
evil preacher sends village on evil missions 04/04/09 SleepyJane
PINK bei mir @work/Frauenunterwäsche/Verstecken/Schwanger 03/12/09 Freyaat
Kranke Luna 03/11/09 Freyaat
absolute confusion 03/03/09 Freyaat
Strange Enlightenment and Lost in India 03/01/09 Annabelle
3 Fache Verwirrung/Wohnung/Nero/Afrika 02/28/09 Freyaat
Pregnancy and Bees 02/16/09 cookoofawn
Contest, Vomit, Naughty Nun, Houseboat 02/11/09 Mamakoo
Running 02/09/09 Mamakoo
Iconoclast 02/03/09 pakkun
Nightmare 01/14/09 whitneyayers08
Lion in the Building 12/31/08 Mamakoo
pet shops hand gel broken toilets and Mike Annunziata 11/10/08 Zixxy
pet shops hand gel broken toilets and Mike Annunziata 11/10/08 Zixxy
**LEAVING THE PAST BEHIND** 12/27/08 HelloDali
A Suprising Guest and the Escape 12/03/08 lilmaggiemay
Becoming a Teacher 11/28/08 cmm0921
Getting nowhere 10/16/08 MZdmorbidF
Signing memory books, being a nun, and being attacked 10/16/08 Trumpet_girl_02
Football in the graveyard. 10/07/08 Sampson
tarantulas and baby 09/27/08 oceanchild
Seeing a gorilla and being in a convent 08/20/08 Trumpet_girl_02
inundacion 08/16/08 fernandariver
Maybe I Will Like It 07/29/08 stillwater
When the Nuns Are Away 07/20/08 stillwater
I Killed some Nuns 07/07/08 Parhelia
Holy Communion 06/28/08 bathaluman
Scary Priest and helpful nun 06/26/08 thoughtfox
demon cats, afterworlds and help me the lesbians!(tr&pic) 09/27/06 dorareever
Bathroom Workers Fishing Mike Annunzitata. 04/01/08 Zixxy
Searching for the school 03/10/08 kinkiecupcake
Jesus' friend - a Nun 01/30/08 adeleon1010
A night of horror - when u least expect it. 02/26/08 JointVenture
The Drawer In The Wall 02/06/08 stillwater
variety 02/05/08 frogface
Sacrificial hell. 02/03/08 Sampson
The Late Night Talk Show 10/14/07 AngelJCo
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