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Dream Date User
Being Kissed at School/Ray Charles' Music/Two Men...? 07/21/17 SmileyKing111475
Behind the Wall 03/20/17 BlueOpossum
Embarassed about sex 09/07/15 Skyanne
Frat Meeting 03/17/15 DemiakAgard
frog beach corridor and secret hospital corridor 08/16/14 nervoustrees
My diary of divine dreams and Jibankrishna- vision of future 07/24/10 Dipak
Labyrinthine Chases and Emotionless Faces 01/22/14 brwdladr
"The Shadow Planet" (recurring) 06/23/73 BlueOpossum
Toilet Rapper 03/13/13 london_lad
Aircraft Training 02/18/09 AmongstTheRabble
Run & Run Some More 10/29/12 Scaramanx
Two Dreams and a Poem 06/12/12 stillwater
Priest-Bro and Vampire Guy 08/26/11 Malloriel
The Off-Season 04/13/12 tehuti
Fires & Flash Drives 03/13/12 tehuti
Truck Stop Chicken 02/03/12 brwdladr
Wolf Outside My Door 12/29/11 Hummingbird
Divorce- Extensive Guidebook To acquire The Divorce 12/11/11 landolakeslawyer
weekend dreams 09/26/11 al
WTF 12/04/09 Lulu
Lunch With My Psychologist 05/16/11 tehuti
A High School Mission 03/28/11 tehuti
Inherited Haunted House 11/24/03 Brightblack
Pool Party 09/24/98 sleepfist
Thick love letter 04/21/10 HelloDali
The Nose Knows? 04/17/10 MoonChild73
Sunken ship/shark/ghosts 02/15/10 gatzby
Mad Scientist 12/29/09 calawa
Dream Fragments 3 10/12/09 Paws917
it's my lucid dream and I'll wreck and ruin if I want to! 10/08/09 al
Various adventures in a dream 09/23/09 Mamakoo
Eating Pizza 06/05/09 medvick
Uni life, Mating Octopi, Insertion into photograph 06/01/09 sebbythecrabby
Sex, restaurant temp, rapping kid, sinking balloon 05/30/09 HelloDali
Gimme My Noodles, Damnit! 04/16/09 SabotageMost
Restaurant 01/11/09 subbaculcha
**WRESTLING AN EGYPTIAN GOD** 11/20/08 HelloDali
Golf And Dolphins 10/01/08 Lazellia
Prince in SF: too gay? 09/30/08 HelloDali
Search for the Missing Man 08/17/08 Frostlight
Strangely left me with sense of great hope for future 07/10/08 inflexion
fragments 16&17 June '08 06/14/08 ElectricOdour
Swimming the Schuylkill 04/30/08 emac01
leaves and forms 04/01/08 codeinecoffin
Over the rainbow. 03/28/08 Sampson
Forest Cathedral 02/29/08 endymion
Elements. 02/27/08 Lazellia
Problems at the tanning saloon 01/26/08 TrueTraveler
Bad sex 10/11/07 shells
Party With Drama 08/30/07 Pwyrdan
Dream 11 07/15/03 txdreamdiva
Late to Work and a Disturbing Party 07/24/07 Pwyrdan
Working on contract 04/23/07 amely
dream loft has a leak 03/11/07 HelloDali
Lost at the Sheratin Hotel 02/14/07 drawnartlover
The trade-off. 01/30/07 Sampson
Wanting to help the unhealthy woman. 01/19/07 Sampson
Infiltrator. 01/14/07 Sampson
Curly haired girl living in an apartment and cant walk 11/28/06 lindablueeyes
The Past/Future/Everything (Continued) 03/31/06 Frostlight
Max 07/11/06 stillwater
Jo Leigh Dies - 2 Remnants:Medallion/Two Dogs 07/01/06 Nocky
I Didn't See That Coming! 04/29/06 tehuti
Wonderful and Dangerous Romantic Adventure 04/25/06 Frostlight
Together With James 03/28/06 carmenjb
Dungeon Restaurant 02/22/06 Lazellia
2 redheads 01/25/06 HelloDali
How are your superpowers doing? 09/14/05 al
Busy Town 04/26/05 Jon
Bad Day Care Center 03/26/05 claire
How Do I Always End Up Here? 02/11/05 tehuti
In Which I Fly And Fight A Lot Of Crocodiles (LONG!) 12/10/04 Frostlight
Weekend, Leon's Math Test 11/14/04 benni
Office Tricks 09/27/04 DarkGemini
I'm an asshole 07/03/04 Rocky1939
Finding Space at Work 05/29/04 stillwater
message from an old woman guide 05/22/04 sigazze
The perfect appartment 03/25/04 DiamondVoid
Public Shower Adventure 12/26/03 Kynthos83
very disturbing dream about abuse 12/20/03 ardcore
NY trip 12/16/03 Rocky1939
Mishmash of Things 11/27/03 em433
More explosive gumballs! 09/03/03 tuesday
AAAH wheres the bathroom? 09/02/03 mypsychosis
Beaches & starfish & stripper hair 08/07/03 tuesday
Billy's message 07/15/03 Rocky1939
Escape From China One 07/03/03 tehuti
How Can I Pick Just One? 06/05/03 tehuti
The Egyptian Partition 06/04/03 tehuti
shark in the limo 04/15/03 jeccie
The Antiques Store Boogie 07/15/01 tehuti
Lusiphur, touch and go 11/16/02 blackvess
Recurring Location -- Paintings of Disembowled People 08/17/02 star_nekochan
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