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Dream Date User
Great Expectations 04/27/13 independentwaste
Broken Pipes 07/22/14 GoldenAshes
pipecleaner shamrocks 02/09/16 GoldenAshes
The Tall Pipe House Again and Its Maintenance 04/29/17 BlueOpossum
Rat on a Pipe 02/03/17 BlueOpossum
A New Kind of “War” (Card Game) 11/23/16 BlueOpossum
Open Pipe 08/23/16 zurastar
A Big Fly Crawls From a Small Pipe and Bites Me 10/02/14 BlueOpossum
Tall Pipe House Yet Again 02/03/15 BlueOpossum
Hamupipöke 08/25/16 AislinC
A Different House and a Different Pipe 09/21/16 BlueOpossum
Long Vertical Pipe Again 07/06/14 BlueOpossum
Hanging Out With Billie Piper and Co 07/14/16 magicsparkles
Omar Piper 09/22/90 BlueOpossum
Healing Excursion 05/28/16 BlueOpossum
Falling Pipe 02/15/80 BlueOpossum
Computer Randoms 08/17/15 FishStik
Leaking Pipes 04/27/15 DreamPete
The Lava, the Pipes: Volcano eruption in Hawaii 07/15/14 emilyliz
Fixing Pipes (precognition of celebrity death) 10/26/13 BlueOpossum
Leaky Pipes 06/04/12 AmongstTheRabble
Alaska Pipeline Comic 12/02/78 BlueOpossum
Leaking Pipe In Our House 02/08/13 darkbutpureheart
Pipeline delimiters 05/18/12 Person1
Epiphany. 10/30/11 mayyssa
Pied Piper to the Rats 08/01/11 magicsparkles
Epiphanies 05/03/11 bnovelly
Bodies Behind The Pipes 03/09/11 Lazellia
The Guy with the Lead Pipe 07/02/08 luciernagad50
Rosetta Stone 08/08/10 HelloDali
Bombas pipa 04/22/09 arthurlindemute
Swimming with Gilligan and pipes almost hit me [short] 05/09/10 ImmortalDreams
Orange-Good Fruit 04/06/10 yaoguanglv
Burst Water Pipe 03/24/10 snakeyjakey
baseball 01/31/10 notna
Pipe,without a doubt. 01/06/10 Pryia
ceramic streak pipe 10/28/08 derelict17
Dream about crazy natural forest pipes 09/08/09 ghostreborn2004
epiphany about depression/flying by brick walls (illus.) 08/06/09 al
climbing high on hot water pipes 04/14/09 ElectricOdour
Blood Drinkers Cult and Sewage Pipe in My Living Room 04/05/09 Polarviolet
The Grass Is Greener And Hanging On A Pipe 01/21/09 fluffycloud
-Giant Poo Pipe. 01/11/09 HarrietKatie
Pipe dream 11/07/08 HelloDali
Pippin and Jim's stomach 01/01/03 mightysparks
We Smoke 'em Peace Pipe, A Call to Chris C. 09/05/08 Codimi
A mad chill party which morphed into a pipe buying expeditio 08/07/08 Walmas
bagpipes and a spaceship 08/04/08 oceanchild
Zaks Red Epiphone 05/07/08 SidheMeabh
junior high steam pipe explosion 03/12/08 laurette55
Threading pipe with the family 02/02/08 TrueTraveler
Underlying themes 01/28/08 JosieQJoey
Alligator Pipe 01/27/08 xrunawayxx
Who smells food? 12/12/07 xrunawayxx
escape down a pipe from the body snatchers (illus.) 10/30/07 al
The ill fitting drainage pipe. 05/21/07 Sampson
Journal: I had this epiphany this week.... 02/21/07 JacquiePhelps
Sinead, Pass Me The Crackpipe 05/02/01 cardassianvole
Boiled hamster and chasing Pip 12/08/06 sameoldhorror
Piper Dream 04/07/06 magickzzl
Money worries and pipe dreams 09/01/06 HelloDali
Hidden Metal Element 08/25/06 SabotageMost
Dog and Pipes dream 05/15/06 magickzzl
Fire from Pipes 06/07/06 daime
The Pipe Line 04/12/06 phil
The toilet pipe 01/13/06 Mycool
The Pied Piper 08/24/05 justcallmepip
on the edge of an epiphany 07/21/05 juni321
Crawling Through a Pipe 04/03/05 SabotageMost
Peace Pipe Dream 03/11/05 marsunderground
a pipe urinal? 02/13/05 seaborgium
I am Piper from the TV show Charmed 02/17/05 Robyn77A
A Funeral and Epiphany 01/02/05 mellifluous
Epiphany 12/11/04 ViveAnn
Killing my neighbour with a metal pipe 12/06/04 OddEye
Dead Man at the Beginning of the Pipestem 08/29/04 em433
Crawling through Courtney and Kurt's pipes 05/30/04 treehugger07
relapse epiphany 05/27/04 sigazze
The baby in the pipe 04/17/04 mypsychosis
the orc legion (this ones long but its worth reading) 03/30/04 GateHouseGuard
Time travel/water pipes 03/22/04 serpentlust
Snow Trip Gone Bad 02/20/04 benni
Lucid Dream Epiphany 02/15/04 S3TH
Pipe Cleaners 07/07/03 SaraWest
Putting The Sag Back In The Bag - 0651 02/28/03 AbrasiveDave
Electricity and pipes 06/29/01 seeknow
A Cop and the pipe. 08/30/01 webdiva
Mom, Dad, Scottie Pippin, and Dad's car. 01/04/01 webdiva
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