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Dream Date User
TEST 09/24/17 BlueOpossum
Gross violation 09/20/17 angelling
Dog Behavioral Experiments 09/15/17 BlueOpossum
This Is A Test! 09/06/17 LucidDreamer777
A Cigarette Lighter is a Waterer 09/02/17 BlueOpossum
Making Fried Chicken in the School Library 08/24/17 stakkr303
Time Travel 07/17/17 Whimsical
Test Results 08/06/17 london_lad
Random Fragments XVII 07/29/17 foddforlorare
An Unfamiliar Boarding House and Driving a Bubble Car 07/23/17 BlueOpossum
A Word Usage Argument (fully explained) 07/27/17 BlueOpossum
Tests and Terrorists 07/17/17 Person1
G V 07/12/17 DeathFromWithin
My Dream While Hospitalized 12/24/16 tehuti
Project Aether 06/30/17 LucidDreamer777
Good Things Are Coming 07/05/17 WilliamDreams
Watery Story, Obstacle Course, Drawing contest 07/05/17 9spaceking
J XV 06/29/17 foddforlorare
Stripped Naked & Put into A coma for scientific research 06/17/17 madcat444
Wrong Anime Title 05/16/17 zurastar
The Greatest Enemy 06/13/17 ElliaTamachi
Chinese Friend or FOE? wounded arm 06/13/17 ImmortalDreams
The Thin, Red Thread: Part II 02/28/15 icemadrox
Heavens Gateway 01/08/17 MissSwan
Lighthouse; The Chase 07/28/15 independentwaste
The Box Throwing Contest 06/03/17 london_lad
Weird Static Therapy 06/01/17 therararabbit
War on Food 07/17/14 independentwaste
The Slide Projector 05/30/17 BlueOpossum
Wet Clothes and Yemen Essay 05/26/17 BlueOpossum
Test 05/22/17 Whimsical
2017 Test 05/22/17 Whimsical
Two dark ladies 05/22/17 hood12
Bird Shadow Stage 05/20/17 BlueOpossum
Stealing a Toy Jeep Prototype 05/21/17 BlueOpossum
Encased in Bubbles 05/18/17 LucidDreamer777
Sitting for the SAT 05/19/17 BlueOpossum
Missing Paper Square 05/18/17 BlueOpossum
old friend, light tunnel, intestional worms 05/17/17 Skyanne
I don't See 05/12/17 9spaceking
12/5 05/12/17 sah
Ladder Contest 05/08/17 london_lad
Toby's Weird Tests 05/08/17 jwoo75
Serial Out of Body Experiences 07/02/15 Pietko
An Old Vault 04/30/17 LucidDreamer777
Pie In The Sky 06/21/16 tehuti
Nightmare 04/30/17 hippydippy
Soda testing on an inverted ride 04/26/17 haux
Test of Courage 04/07/17 LucidDreamer777
Vampire training school (added pics) 04/06/17 Daedalus
Protest 04/16/17 london_lad
Hidden Thief Caves 03/10/17 zurastar
The Test and Young Abby 04/13/17 9spaceking
Illustrated Reference Test, pages 1 and 2 04/13/17 BlueOpossum
A Logic Puzzle 04/10/17 BlueOpossum
The “Assemblage Point” Dream 11/05/82 BlueOpossum
Lucid dream and false awakening 04/02/17 PearlDiver
Flash Drives, Coloring Books, and Adult “My Little Pony” 04/02/17 BlueOpossum
A huge yacht 04/01/17 haux
Red, Blue and White 01/22/17 LucidDreamer777
Math Test 03/03/17 zurastar
A Bear, a Thumb and a "Not-The-Slenderman" 03/31/17 MayaOra
An Old Spelling Test 03/31/17 BlueOpossum
SIX SHORT DREAMS IN ONE NIGHT 03/23/17 fridaygraveyard
Taichi practice 03/23/17 Person1
The Extraterrestrial Shape-Shifting Worm 03/22/17 BlueOpossum
Finding a seat 03/22/17 Person1
Money, money, it's all about the money with my dreams. 02/14/17 CloseYourEyes
Doubtful Trust 03/12/17 misotanni
Shotgun Reunion; CIA Buddy 03/09/17 drvsvs
OP Lucidity 03/08/17 9spaceking
In Taekwondo Class 07/15/16 Genie
Live Aid Protest 03/05/17 london_lad
Formulas and love triangles 03/04/17 Person1
Job Review 03/01/17 emillay
The Moon 02/26/17 misotanni
The Fire 02/21/17 london_lad
Meeting my Doppelganger & a Tsunami Hits 02/03/17 CloseYourEyes
Follow The String 02/06/17 zurastar
Gangster Party 02/03/17 zurastar
A Series of Tests (part 1 and 3 of 3) 01/25/17 zurastar
Only One Command 02/04/17 misotanni
Defunct Shower and Naked Outside 02/03/17 g1nny
Beautiful Scenes and Animal Adventures 02/03/17 maggstaa26
The Unknown Artist 02/03/17 BlueOpossum
The Dance Hall 12/14/15 misotanni
Programming Thief Robots 01/26/17 misotanni
Lego Adventure 06/13/15 misotanni
The 32 Hour Cycle 01/23/17 misotanni
Normal vampire family (Alternating POV) 12/23/16 PearlDiver
Strawberry Mountain 06/11/15 misotanni
It's Just Too Weird 01/18/17 misotanni
[2/2] Sandstone Cave Portals 01/10/17 misotanni
[2/2] Sandstone Cave Portals 01/10/17 misotanni
Nuclear Bomb Forest 10/09/16 misotanni
The Lontara Machine 10/08/16 misotanni
Coffee shop with my co-workers 01/13/17 haux
School test scavenger hunt in a hurry 01/11/17 LeylaTheGreat
Jockey 02/20/16 PearlDiver
Outback exam 12/31/16 Person1
None 12/30/16 knurton
Surprised by Lucidity 12/26/16 BlueOpossum
Another Fail at Dive Take-off 12/22/16 misotanni
[2/3] Uncooperative Brother 12/18/16 misotanni
Not Enough Dexterity 12/15/16 misotanni
Pool Eggs (part 2 of 2) 11/02/16 zurastar
The Mysterious Box 11/30/16 misotanni
Hard Times 12/12/16 magicsparkles
Order of Chaos 11/28/16 misotanni
Exploring and Testing from Florida to Australia 11/27/16 BlueOpossum
baby rat dream 11/25/16 NemoTuffy
Testing 11/23/16 SabotageMost
Success to Portals 06/26/16 misotanni
The 'Flower' Cactus Farm 11/14/16 misotanni
Portal Map Playtesting 09/21/16 misotanni
test 11/11/16 griw
The Greatest 11/01/16 LucidDreamer777
Goodbye Glitch (Paranormal) 06/12/15 BlueOpossum
Becoming Tom Cruise by Using a Small Computerized Device 10/23/16 BlueOpossum
Apartment Horror (part 1 of 2) 10/09/16 zurastar
Carribean Convertible / Chaos in the "Forest" & The Hotel 10/18/16 stakkr303
Tom Cruise wins a contest... 07/11/97 BlueOpossum
Failed Reality Check #2 10/12/16 saintbeast
Two Suns 10/04/16 BlueOpossum
Learning about a War in Portugal 10/03/16 BlueOpossum
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