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Dream Date User
Giant Toothbrush 05/29/17 hwhorn
A weird day at the office 05/07/17 Person1
Street Curb Events 04/29/17 BlueOpossum
Toothbrush and boardgame 01/04/17 Person1
The Dentist 06/13/16 lilyofthemist
Lost in Comfortation 03/16/16 9spaceking
Andrew is annoying, Zeus grub poops 01/04/16 DaisyBuchanan
New York 08/19/15 amberjohnson18
Green Day and Old Timey Gentlemen 08/06/15 yournewlodger
Visiting my girlfriend's parents 04/18/15 haux
In the persona of Jhon F. Z. Vetson 04/06/15 Person1
Clues/Kidnapping 02/11/15 illyria723
Egyptian and Bartending 11/05/14 illyria723
Janices' Jewelry and At the City Next to the Sea (lucid) 10/16/14 stillwater
Playing Guitar, Drinking Beer, Sex with Unfamiliar Women 05/19/14 BitterOlives
Kidnapped at Disney World 04/26/14 Aggie
"That's not a toothbrush..." 03/20/14 BlueOpossum
Camping and Bleeding 03/24/14 RemlitQueen
Walking to School, Gymnastics Job 03/25/13 hG
Musical after party at TC's house 04/26/13 hG
Red Toothbrush 07/08/13 w104mhk
A Dream Way Too Exaggerated 06/11/13 TJ
Snake/Cards 05/16/13 illyria723
Toothbrush/Bathing Suit 04/24/13 illyria723
Checks/Toothbrush 04/11/13 illyria723
Greek Invasion 04/07/13 Sunrise13Sunset
Bathing with the Goddess Parvati 03/29/13 w104mhk
An Odd Trip with the Family 03/08/13 GhostOfDawn
Teeth, play, tempest. 02/11/13 DanielleBlakeman
Star Apple Seeds 09/07/12 Person1
Visions of the future 02/19/13 Sevenhawks
Coming Change 05/17/12 Sevenhawks
Economic collapse 04/25/12 TheMessenger
That Was Between My Teeth?? 02/24/12 tehuti
The ruined toilet 02/07/12 haux
Another abandoned love.... :/;; (UPDATE 09/2012) 02/04/12 maggstaa26
Toothbrush Theft 01/16/12 DuffyJ1111
Teenage Love 01/16/12 luv2dream
many dreams with numbers in them 10/28/11 al
a complex nightmare 07/11/11 tipulidae
Sharpie Pranks, Photographs, and Freddy Krueger Gloves 03/22/11 BitterOlives
An Old Friend, Some Strangers, and Masturbation 08/18/10 BitterOlives
7/21/2010 07/21/10 masulprizio
001 - 01 - napoleon hates sloppiness. 04/24/07 love
Roman Soldier & Married Happy & Rich 07/05/10 LittleShaman
Electronic bombs and toothbrushes. 04/24/10 Evengloam
Disappearing woman, unrewarded rescue 03/24/10 HelloDali
Riot/ On the run 01/20/10 scifiguywwt
Long Fragmented Cluster.... 01/11/10 weiwei
Entered in a Rush 12/08/09 lovegoddess
I'm an American Terrorist and Escape to Canada! 10/18/09 cactuspancake
Stumbler Slumber 08/03/09 hostetjm
New Toothbrush 07/20/09 Hidden
Scary, teeth, and cheating! 06/25/09 Emmers
Death at a Resale Store. 04/14/09 paigeycupcake
The Winter Retreat or the Lady and the Tramp 03/29/09 FrenchBoy78
The Bitter-Sweet Revenges 12/01/08 lilmaggiemay
Digging Up the Cable Line 01/26/09 stanaker
Piss Washing 03/28/08 Daddison
Road Trip 12/30/08 mirrorah
Packing toothbrush and phone 11/21/08 sowhat
From Bathroom To Bedroom To Cafeteria Celebration 11/19/08 CaerIbormeith
I don't want to sleep again! 11/19/08 Dreamer1970
July 16, 2008 07/16/08 ElFaBah
The Apartment 09/08/08 Glori
Toothbrush 04/06/08 xPrettyPrincessx
Class trip with Harry Potter in an Elevator 07/30/08 MissSobriety
Roommates 06/03/08 Orez
the cartoon girl's umbrella and some buttons 05/08/08 tinycat2001
Old Friends 03/27/08 vaportrail
Christy's grandma 02/19/08 haux
My Really Bad Day 01/27/08 pumpmar
Untitled 12/31/07 jesshenderson
Zombie Arm 12/15/07 Lazellia
LOCK-INS 12/02/07 redfreak
Road Trip 11/17/07 QuantumChaos
Chased By A Bull 07/15/07 melanie
garden variety dream (yawn) 06/29/07 al
Teeth Loss, White Fur & Flying Down Stairs (illus) 06/15/07 melanie
Thats my toothbrush! 06/23/07 lindablueeyes
Surprise! The movie came out early. 02/26/07 Moesakaru
A full Night's Work 02/05/07 stillwater
Wonder Boy! 01/17/07 mindreader
War Games/Bedroom Games 01/12/07 ssja
A Difficult Choice 12/31/06 Pwyrdan
99 Cent Store 12/08/06 xspngbobgrlx
Weird 12/10/06 jpkidd528
lucid dream -- but low cohesion 11/26/06 al
Pink toothbrush 11/07/06 xxpaulaxx
Mr. Shine 10/18/06 Mezmera
Test 10/09/06 thoyle
Old House with Dirty Towels 08/11/06 Kailaurius
Bits and pieces: hotels, Elena. 07/04/06 junkiecosmonaut
strange persons knowing about my LD 06/16/06 unelm
Mascara Wand = Toothbrush 04/18/06 forkgawddess
Dying To A Gargoyle And Watching A Creepy Movie 04/15/06 Vorago
Missing tooth 04/15/06 bubblegumvomit
leaving camping go to gas station 03/18/06 athena1020
Dream about going to the dentist 03/16/06 pixiedreams
Henry's Number 02/21/06 stillwater
So you're German? 01/05/06 misstake
the mosaic bathroom 12/03/05 juni321
Getting ready to go to France; fire and ice 11/17/05 eruditepisces
dream fragments 11/14/05 juni321
Video Game becoming real 11/08/05 Vangeloff
*The Famous Cleaner 09/17/05 angie19
freedom down river, harp, Evil Chris, rollerblading 07/29/05 zendrynmoon
About B 06/30/05 crookedsixpence
Long dream. Might be private, not sure yet. 06/08/05 lostinthemusic
Wedding Day 11/12/03 crawfoeb
Spanish class, choir and the barn 03/27/05 Becka16
Disney World 03/02/05 twilighttodusk
but i've never been to haverford! 08/08/04 dreamsongs
Jumble 01/17/05 stillwater
Losing Teeth in Michigan 12/04/04 satori
Dentistry Horror 11/12/04 DarkGemini
school dream involving old friends, classmates & internets 11/06/04 97lovers
clean 11/02/04 t1nacui3
cry 10/15/04 StarAppleBerry
Fragments : Bookstore Shopping Leading To A Beach Vacation 10/15/04 Vorago
Nemo, I'll trade you a Toothbrush for a Water-Sprinkler! 10/04/04 MSkyDragons
My room is really high 06/26/02 valvonatron
Mel Gibson, and tapestry 08/12/04 Koyukionna
Hell 04/30/04 sullengirl
Another UB trip, with stamps 04/08/04 toric13
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