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Dream Date User
Born To Die 08/14/17 LucidDreamer777
WC and The Villains 04/16/17 9spaceking
Flight, Silverware, and Bicycle 04/15/17 hwhorn
Amber forest and elevator to hell 12/21/16 PearlDiver
A New Apartment on an Unknown Street 10/22/16 BlueOpossum
Save the Cat, End the World 09/18/16 zurastar
tire problems 08/30/16 Skellygirl
Gary & sammiches, snow, school, murderer, tattoos, airplane 09/18/16 sabinascale
Hotel's secret member room 09/11/16 haux
Under a Sheet 06/18/16 BlueOpossum
Visiting grandfather 04/23/16 Skellygirl
Saving You 11/28/15 iruvia
Amusing Miss 05/08/15 BlueOpossum
Lifting a Car and Needing to Fix the Floor 09/15/15 BlueOpossum
At my parents' place - Goo Gone and piano tuning 03/04/15 dreamfox
Gorilla 01/03/15 SabotageMost
Looking at the world with 'disney characters' strange items 06/25/14 ImmortalDreams
A Professionally Done Polished Concrete Flooring Will Have A 03/08/14 projectfinance
Asylum 06/23/13 Faerie
Golf(?) and unusual history 04/04/97 BlueOpossum
Mostly Unrelated Dreams - (Part 2B) Toxic Fog Pills 06/09/12 ConcreteChicken
Power Level 20 02/26/13 todreamweaver
Prison Break 02/23/13 Karina
Asiatic Lily to Hand and Other Changes 02/17/13 BlueOpossum
Misunderstanding 01/13/13 Tigirus
Down the drain 12/08/12 TheDoctor
Parkour Justice 09/27/12 todreamweaver
Rescue Mission, but it's a doll. 05/28/12 SabotageMost
Salvation is a Bitch 08/31/11 todreamweaver
A man laying behind me. 08/19/11 josephchiew
Erratic Driving and the barn of prostitutes. 04/24/11 motagota
Flying/Violence/Discussions 01/23/11 DuffyJ1111
Putting up a fight 10/22/10 Alvin
Murder in Ireland 06/15/10 SpanishRose
what I thought I'd do once I woke up 04/19/10 amandy032
crazy china thing 01/17/10 xilxilxily
Playing Hot Potato With a Baseball 12/21/09 melismatic
Chased and Seduced by Vampire Bats 12/30/09 melismatic
Pond of the Giant Alligator 01/12/08 Sekhmet17
Shari's apartment 12/07/07 Sekhmet17
Pilgrimage to Vote 06/13/09 sebbythecrabby
mom tried to kill me 01/14/09 coltzgrl
Fixing My Blender 11/11/99 dbd1963
Hunted 09/26/08 babysgottemper
Airplanes and Wrenches 12/19/07 KurtoGuy
War at the Grocery Store 06/09/08 DarkGemini
Crashing a piano recital 06/01/08 salsma01
Desolate War and a child Savior. 02/26/08 crookshank
Cocaine Shootout, Scarface-Style 02/24/08 supersapien
wrench guitar song transcribed 02/16/08 derelict17
Threading pipe with the family 02/02/08 TrueTraveler
On the Town 01/17/08 stillwater
Old man duel, then birds. 12/15/07 jtmanis
bullet 12/10/07 codeinecoffin
The military pawnbrokers. 10/08/07 Sampson
wrong eye buddha 09/03/07 codeinecoffin
never real 08/09/07 migo
Lunch Backstage 04/09/07 ArtfulDodger
Lucid Dreaming in the Matrix 07/18/07 Oahspe
Submarine in Sewer 01/07/07 inudog70
bob the plumber 01/19/07 derelict17
idiot determination and a haint 12/12/06 codeinecoffin
Midnight Boatride 12/11/06 darkraiden
Amanda's 115th Dream 11/22/06 artmusicbirds
Getting Launched Across The Globe To Find A Magic Tool 10/08/06 Vorago
6.23.06 end of the world and the bus to hell 08/10/06 raeven5150
The Shell and the Pearl 07/07/06 SabotageMost
Mirror House of Ghouls 05/02/97 SabotageMost
winter and the killers 01/30/06 aika
Girlfriend 01/26/06 Jon
Black-Ops Mission 12/01/05 crow365
dont eat mcdonalds before bed 11/08/05 SeraphineRose
Cottage 10/21/05 danod
the fourth one 09/19/05 migo
Disturbing C-Section Operation 08/29/05 beauty
Harem Resort 07/06/05 Cobragirl
Boy Issues 05/29/05 emmytheduck
a bundle 05/24/05 iliketodream
The Priest and the Swordsman 01/30/05 Frostlight
the fate of robots 01/22/05 sigazze
An Important Computer CD And A Werewolf Dinner Party 01/07/05 Vorago
Phantom of the opera meets 'Ghosthunters' ( Modified) 01/01/05 Shauni
Stow Away 12/12/04 alexandra
Boats and Wolves 10/24/04 SnowyTimberWolf
"invisible" robots 07/24/04 xxtimelessxx
a telling scenerio 06/20/04 oneirus
Football 07/28/03 S3TH
The Party, The Wedding, The Visit, Astral Awareness 12/08/03 S3TH
Dark Angel 10/08/01 Jmycenae
NY trip 12/16/03 Rocky1939
Star Wars: Rise Of The Machines 11/16/03 Wizard
His dream 10/16/03 CrowMother
I wish other people could see my dreams sometimes. 10/08/03 JackarypQQ
Almost a Tale 10/05/03 LadyRane
Chased Thru My Chatroom Reality 08/26/03 beauty
TV in the Store 07/24/03 BusbyReds
Dana, the gay flamingo, and chinese 5 spice tea 07/21/03 tuesday
Mall/Theater/Punk Chick/Mike 03/06/03 xevilsuziex
Tehuti Vs. The Creepy Knife Guy! 08/18/02 tehuti
Ghouls (dream1), Murder 1935 (dream2), Split Dragon Hide 05/02/97 SabotageMost
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